Better performance for pirates: Crack eliminates stuttering from Capcom PC games

Over the weekend, the PC version of May 2021s Resident Evil 8: Village appears to have been cracked and uploaded to various pirated repositories. In unsurprising news, like at least some PC games that have cracked in recent years, the release of this scene comes with a bonus that is currently only available to independent loaders: performance improvements.

The cracked version of the game, credited to the Empress release group, includes an “NFO” text file citing two different antipyretic measures: “Denuvo V11” and “Capcom Anti-Tamper V3.” While the NFO text covers a fair share of anti-Denuvo language, the technical flaws of the Empress writers say that both systems working in the concert are to blame:

All covers in the game [sic] like when you kill zombies is fixed because the Capcom DRM entry point is fixed so most of its functions are never implemented again. This results in a smoother gaming experience. THIS IS PURE CANCER AND WHOEVER RECEIVES THIS IS NOT BUT BUT THE PATHETIC HUMAN PUNISHMENT OF GARBAGE!

The messaging continues with a key explanation: Capcom DRM is “completely disguised” in Denuvo’s virtual machine, thus making the game “run slower.”

More bullets, fewer spikes

While Ars Technica – for obvious reasons – is unable to conduct a comprehensive examination for RE8: VThe cracked version, we have independently confirmed that the Empress release solves at least one well-known problem with the existing retail version: the time span.

Ars has seen a fun scenario RE8: VRetail and cracked versions on the same midgrade gaming PC with RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) performance graphics are turned on. The retail version includes an easily mimicable scenario where advanced zombies attack with weapons – something you often do Resident Evil game – can trigger stuttering on the screen. In other words, the picture freezes for a while before the game ends, and this can be seen in the RTSS real -time graphics as a spike. The same spike does not appear when the same save file is loaded on the cracked version of the game.

Whether the two versions have advantages in other performance metrics is unclear, and performance can clearly differ based on hardware, drivers, and other factors. But the test scenario mentioned above runs on both versions of the game in 1080p resolution, an environment that is better suited to reveal CPU-bound performance limits, and the cracked version shows, at least in the limited tests we reviewed, its CPU distribution is better workload across a 12 -thread chip.

“The important moment of the game with guns is shooting the gun”

Previously, DRM providers like Denuvo had loudly acknowledged the inevitable possibility that cracks appeared every game. “Given the fact that every unprotected title cracks on release day – as well as every game update – our solution makes a difference,” Denuvo’s director of marketing said in 2017. Coincidentally, this acknowledgment comes in case Resident Evil 7, the last major entry in Capcom’s long -running horror series, whose Denuvo scheme cracked less than a week after the game’s retail launch.

Whatever Capcom and Denuvo have done this time around seems to have avoided the cracker business for much longer. That may come at the price of a guaranteed smooth performance – with game analysts like Alex Battaglia Digital Foundry slandering the PC version of the game. “This stutter honestly left a very bad first impression for this game, when an important moment of the first -person game with the gun fired the gun,” Battaglia said shortly after. RE8: Vlaunch in May 2021. “If the thing isn’t satisfying when you do it, then the game is doing something wrong.”

Still, Denuvo has done a lot of work in recent years to dispel the obvious assumption that its DRM immediately results in a decline in PC performance. So we make sure to get independently verified test results before moving forward, though it’s possible that certain PC hardware combinations might work better with existing retail versions of Capcom.

Judgment, last or otherwise

Capcom, like other game publishers, is finally updating some of its PC games with a free version of Denuvo. However, in the case of Capcom, that usually won’t happen until the game in question has reached the end of the update lifecycle, especially in terms of post -launch DLC packages. At press time, RE8: V still has unreleased DLC in the works. Capcom representatives did not immediately respond to Ars’ questions on whether RE8: VThe PC version may get a faster path for such an update thanks to this week’s Empress crack.

The weird, stuttering, DRM PC game is probably better than the PC version at all, and the statement came on Monday as Japanese game maker and publisher Sega made headlines for PC -related complications themselves. Ia Judgment game series, the famous spinoff Yakuza, may not continue after its sequel Last Judgment launched later this year. The problem, according to reports, is that one real -life actor talent agency is refusing to agree to terms that would bring the series to PC platforms like Steam.

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