Krafton Teams With Tesla Elon Musk, Battlegrounds Mobile India Players Able to Drive Model Y in Games

New Delhi: Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton on Tuesday announced that its collaboration with EV maker Elon Musk, Tesla will allow players to steer the Tesla Model Y and be able to feel the autopilot features found in the game. With a new update to the game after its official launch, players can enter the Gigafactory and watch the production of the Tesla Model Y from start to finish. Battlegrounds Mobile India Launched, Here’s How To Download The Indian Version Of PUBG.

They can then drive with their new car and also experience the advanced autopilot features found in all Tesla vehicles, the company said in a statement. The self -driving Tesla Semi will also appear randomly on rural roads and run automatically along certain routes. Players can do damage to Semi to force his supply box to fall and get combat supplies.

The classic mode of the game has also been updated to include a new weapon, the MG3, as well as a new feature for throwing medical items at your teammates in such clutch situations. The MG3, which can reach 6X range and has no other attachments, is a light machine gun that might be obtained by airdrops while playing classic maps other than Karakin.

Instead, the M249, which was previously unveiled, will now appear live on the map for looting. Many features have been introduced to make the game even better. For the first time, the sensitivity of the gyroscope can be changed, the angle of the Third Person Perspective (TPP) camera can be adjusted, and the bullet indicator allows for more skill in strategy.

The company says that 90FPS is now supported on a number of new devices, while lower -than -smooth graphics options have been added for lower -end devices. Krafton also announced the Royale Pass Month system, RPM1 for the first month, for Battlegrounds Mobile India in this update.

The new Mission Ignition mode will have six key locations on the Erangel map that will be transformed into research and energy facilities. Players will be able to enjoy new methods of manipulating the game tactically with the addition of combat features such as patrol robots, information collectors. The automatic hyperline that transports the player is another interesting feature.

The game has surpassed 34 million registered users in the week since its launch and also ranks first among the top free games on Google Play. The game also recorded the highest 16 million daily active users and 2.4 million peak equivalent users.

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