How To Stop Your Game Console From Adding To Your Energy Bill

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Even in standby mode, your gaming console can consume as much as 25 times the minimum energy it needs – and this can quietly increase your energy bill. The lack of power that doesn’t work is also less environmentally friendly, which is another reason to check – and improve – your console’s power usage. The environmental advocacy group of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has said that Xbox owners in particular can get along paid an additional $ 500 million in the energy bill due to the default power mode setting.

To be fair to Microsoft and Sony, the Xbox Series X | The S and PS5 are more efficient when you’re streaming movies or doing less intensive tasks compared to older consoles. However, you better check your power settings on this console to avoid draining your wallet and wasting energy.

Here’s how much power your console has and what you can do to reduce energy bills.

How to reduce power consumption on Xbox Series X | S

Xbox Series X | S is shipped with Instant On power mode in most provinces. This allows the console to allow you to stream games to your smartphone, and update and install games while the console is in standby mode. However, the Xbox Series X | S uses 10-13W of energy when in Instant On mode-compared to 0.4-0.5W when you activate Energy saving mode.

If you haven’t bought a console yet, and power savings are an important factor, then the S Series has an advantage. While you’re playing a game, the S Series (74W) gets half the power of the X Series (153W), according to Microsoft. Of course, no one buys a console solely with power savings, and there are other factors to consider.

No matter which version of Microsoft’s latest game console you have, a simple change in power settings will help you save money. Go to Settings on your Xbox and go to General> Power mode & start.

Power & amp;  startup settings on Xbox Series X.

Power mode & startup settings on Xbox Series X.
Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Below Power mode, select Energy saving to ensure that your console does not use more energy than necessary.

Energy -saving power mode on the Xbox Series X.

Energy -saving power mode on the Xbox Series X.
Screenshot: Pranay Parab

This settings page also lets you choose how long you want to wait before the Xbox shuts itself off. The minimum is after 1 hour of inactivity while playing and two hours of inactivity while you are streaming music or movies.

Of course, you can go to “Mode & power start” in Settings and select Full Closure to turn off your Xbox completely. Once done, you can unplug it to make sure that it doesn’t waste electricity.

How to reduce power consumption on PS4 and PS5

On the PlayStation 5, you can reduce console power consumption by unlocking Settings and headed to System> Power Saving. Similarly on the PlayStation 4, this option is available by going to Settings> Power Saving Settings.

Both the PS4 and PS5 have a menu called for Set Time Until PS5 (or PS4) Enters Sleep Mode. By default, this is set to put your console in sleep mode after one hour of inactivity while playing, and four hours of inactivity while you stream movies. You can reduce the time to reduce energy consumption.

Both Sony consoles also have a so-called option Features Available in Rest Mode. Here you can choose whether you want to allow the console to charge your controller using the USB port while you keep the PS5 in sleep mode. You can also decide if you want the console to be able to connect to the internet while in sleep mode. If you disable internet access, it will not be able to download games or updates when not in use.

PS5 lets you Set Time Until PlayStation Controller Turns Off. You can quickly choose how long you want to wait before the DualSense controller turns off. Reducing the time here will extend the battery life of your controller.

Finally, you can turn off the PS5 by pressing the PS button on the controller once, and selecting Power> Turn off PS5. The appropriate options on the PS4 can be accessed by pressing and holding the PS button on the controller and then selecting Turn off the PS4. That will initiate a full shutdown, unlike Rest Mode, which puts the console in a low -power state that still uses a small amount of electricity.



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