Apple’s weather app hides ‘forbidden numbers’

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  • It is revealed that the Apple weather app you find on the current iPhone will not show accurate information.
  • Evidence shows that the app will round up or down every time the temperature is 69 degrees. Nice. Or rather, not good.
  • This seems to be the case for the latest stable iOS version, indicating a possible bug.

Update, July 13, 2021 (1:45 PM ET): Thanks to Twitter verse, we may have discovered the possible causes of Apple’s weather app problems described below. It’s possible that Apple changed the Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit, which would result in some numbers always rounding or rounding down.

For example, imagine a comfortable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The Fahrenheit conversion at that temperature is 68 degrees. If the temperature jumps to 21 degrees Celsius, that will change to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit – which will rise to 70 degrees. This will cause the 69 -degree temperature not to be shown in Apple’s weather app.

While this makes sense, it still doesn’t explain why iOS 15 doesn’t do this. It also won’t explain why older versions of iOS aren’t available. Why only iOS 14.6 does this? That seems to be a big issue now.

Still, it seems that the explanation for Apple’s possibility of deliberately hiding the number 69 may not be correct.

Original article, July 13, 2021 (12:24 PM ET): This is a time -honored tradition. Someone on the internet referred to the number “69” and, no matter how innocent the reference was, someone replied, “Good.” It happened millions of times over the years and now, nothing is stopping it.

However, Apple’s weather app doesn’t seem to want to play along. According to some activities by The Verge, the latest stable version of iOS restricts temperatures to 69 degrees. While a temperature reading source (usually says it’s 69 degrees in the area, Apple’s app will rise to 70 or drop to 68.

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You can see an example of the phenomenon in the image above. On the left, you’ll see a phone running a beta version of iOS 15. On the right, you’ll see an old iPhone running iOS 14.6 – the latest stable version. The two phones are (obviously) in the same location, but the temperature readings are different. Obviously, there’s something wrong with Apple’s weather app.

According to The Verge’s experiment on the matter, the iOS 14.6 app version will not show the number 69 anywhere. Note that the 10 -day forecast shown on the phone on the right does not have 69 in it, while the one on the left shows a forbidden number. The Verge also confirmed that older devices with outdated iOS versions display 69 without fear.

There is a possibility this is a bug in iOS 14.6. However, we have never seen a bug that is so specific. That doesn’t stop 79, 89, 59, 49 … only 69. The Verge contact Apple for comment, and we will definitely update this article once we find out more.

And, to maintain this tradition: Nice.


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