Alamak! Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Leaked Early on Amazon

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Screenshot: Amazon Canada

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch leaking and leaking again—And that’s not included some rumor swirling around around the device in recent months. Now, we have others a leak that confirms what we have heard and seen so far in shape an unintentional Amazon Canada list for Galaxy Watch 4.

The listing was first seen by a German tech website WinFuture. For the most part, it validates the design for considered Galaxy Watch Active 4– even under the Galaxy Watch 4 moniker. That might indicate that Samsung is considering getting rid of the “Active” branding and just repackaging the Active line as the “main” line, and a more premium flagship Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. This will be confusing, but this isn’t the first time Samsung has confused everyone with a wearable naming convention. (See: When Samsung continues from Galaxy Watch to Galaxy Watch 3 because it already has Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is supposed to act as mid -range smartwatch because it Galaxy Watch Active still an option. Absolute chaos.)

In any case, the listing also indicates that there are rumors characteristics of body composition analysis heading to the Galaxy Watch 4. It also lists extended sleep, VO2 Max, Spo2, and continuous heart rate monitoring among its health tracking features. It also states that the watch will have built -in NFC and GPS, as well as a 1.36 -inch display and a 361mAh battery.

It also costs $ 346.82 Canadian dollars, about $ 275 USD. We have to see what Samsung decided for the US price, as the international price is not always a direct 1: 1 foreign exchange rate. However, the price is in line with the initial launch price for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which cost $ 280 for the 40mm and $ 300 for 44mm. Therefore, it is safe to assume that we will see a similar price this time as well.

Other news is a listing that clearly states that the watch will be “released on August 27, 2021.” Usually, the announcement comes a week or two in advance so this gives confidence recent rumors that Samsung will hold an Unpacked event on or around August 11th.

However, it looks like there won’t be any hardware shocks to be dismantled. At the very least, not on the wearable front. However, the hardware won’t be what everyone sees this year. Instead, all eyes will be focused on the software. The new Galaxy Watch will be a first for the sport The new OS Wear, which will then begin the transition period properly from the old Wear OS to the new affiliate platform. We’ve seen a promising glimpse of what it’s like at this year’s MWC, where Samsung looks at what it says its One UI Watch interface. In any case, the wait for Android smartwatch fans won’t be much longer.



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