Talented Elder Scrolls Fans Play Oblivion Harvest’s Dawn Song at Harp

Talented fans of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise play their favorite songs from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion on a Celtic harp.

When it comes to Elder Scroll franchise, most of the attention is given Skyrim, the latest game in the old series. However, Elder Script 4: Loss certainly has a dedicated group of fans who are still playing years after launch or remember their time with the game with interest. One as Elder Scroll her fan is Melegie, a famous YouTuber playing songs on their Celtic harp.

In Melegie’s latest video, YouTuber is played Elder Scroll 4: LostThe song Harvest Dawn on their harp. The Loss The song Harvest Dawn is one of the most recognizable songs from this game. Many fans associate the song with Elder Script 4: LossNPCs, as they are often played in the background while they are talking to the player character. And as a result, this song can also be heard in many Elder Scroll surrounding memes LossUnique NPCs too.

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Elder Script 4: Loss and his voice track may not get as much attention Skyrim, but as Melegie’s performance shows, the game still has its dedicated fans. A large number of these fans have asked Elder Scroll 4: Forget re -eraser tools for modern platforms, although so far this has not been the case.

Although there is none Elder Scroll 4: Forget remaster to play, the game is still available on modern platforms. Actually, Elder Script 4: Loss can be played on the same console as the Xbox Series X thanks to its backward compatibility program. Not only that, but those interested in revisiting the classic game can do so at a very low cost Loss is part of the Xbox Game Pass, like most other Bethesda -owned games.

When it comes to Loss, there are many reasons why Elder Scroll fans still hold this game so high. LossThe Dark Brotherhood search line is often considered one of the better faction searches in the franchise, and there are significant environmental variations Skyrim, located in a mostly snowy and mountainous region. Loss has many well -known and well -known NPCs as well, such as the annoying Arena fans, who still appear in memes to this day.

Maybe Elder Scroll fans will one day get Loss remaster, but if it comes, it’s not necessarily made by Bethesda. Now that Microsoft owns Bethesda, it could theoretically hand over the keys to another studio while Bethesda works on a game like 2022 Starfield or the next Elder Scroll 6. That way fans can enjoy the classics Elder Scroll the game while waiting for Bethesda’s new title to come out.

Elder Script 4: Loss out now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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