Capcom “Looks at PC Performance Problems” After Tests Show DRM -Related Performance Problems

There is no official solution to fix it however after previous reports showed DRM was behind the Resident Evil Village PC performance problem.

Resident Evil Village - One of Dimitrescu's Daughters Smiles While Pulling Ethan Down

Earlier this week, reports emerged suggesting Capcom’s DRM may be responsible for Resident Evil Village’s poor performance. TheGamer has contacted Capcom, confirming that the issue is being investigated.

“The team is looking into reported PC performance issues,” was Capcom’s official statement on the issue, when asked by TheGamer about reports that its DRM was behind some of the problems that plagued the PC launch of Resident Evil. While there are no suggestions on how the issue will be resolved, Capcom is aware of a recent complaint.

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If you’re not familiar with the story around Resident Evil Village and its PC port, it all started earlier this week when hackers claimed that the cracked version of the game didn’t have the stuttering problems experienced in its original version. The biggest difference between the cracked version and the official version is Capcom’s own DRM.

Digital Foundry investigated this issue and found a “profound improvement over the stock experience” when playing the cracked version of Resident Evil Village. In its filtering, you can see there were moments when Resident Evil’s stock was down nearly a quarter of a frame of pirated copies. Meanwhile, Digital Foundry highlights the fact that the new generation of consoles run games well.

In the end, no matter what caused the problem, the official copy of Capcom’s Village didn’t run the same as the pirated copy, as evidenced by Digital Foundry’s own tests. So, regardless of official sources, there are still issues that need to be resolved by Capcom.

Resident Evil Village joins a growing list of other titles with an unfortunate PC port. Nier Automata has long been a mess without the help of mods, and has just gotten its patch version after four years of poor performance.

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