The Minecraft Cave & Cliff World Generation Is Here, And It’s Extraordinary

Yesterday, July 13, Mojang updated Minecraft to version 1.17.10, which isn’t terribly appealing for Switch players (unless you’re really looking forward to the candle), but hidden in the “experimental features” section is Mojang’s new world of generating tools.

You may already know that the big Caves & Cliffs update is split into two, with new groups and blocks mostly in the first update, and the long-awaited generation of world changes in the second update. 1.17.10 allows players to choose to enter the world generation for the first time, although it should be noted that it is still experimental and cannot be guaranteed not to crash.

“This snippet is experimental, and everything can change. Some features may be significantly changed or even removed if needed to improve performance. Keep in mind also that this experimental snippet doesn’t have some significant performance improvements we’re running, so things may be slow.” Mojang

The new generation of caves includes large caves, local water surfaces, and moss-covered “fertile caves”. In the outside world, there are also great new geographical features: cliffs, inhabited by horrible and angry mountain goats, as well as meadows, gardens, and different slopes.

Because the generation of the world is very new, and still in the process, some people have noticed some rather odd formations: wide, open caves, lava spawning underwater, and even objects that look like volcanoes, all of which will contribute very good the hideout of criminals.

Here’s how Mojang describes the change:

  • The heights and depths of the new world
  • New mountain biome (high peaks, snow peaks, gardens, meadows, and snowy slopes)
  • New generation of cavemen (cheese, spaghetti, and cave noodles)
  • Local water levels and underground lava levels
  • New cave biomes produce naturally underground and in the mountains (fertile caves, drip rock caves)
  • Natural variations in the shape and height of the field, independent of biome. For example, forests and deserts can form on hills without the need for a special biome for it.
  • Distribution of new ores (see this chart)
  • Large ore veins
  • Integrated mountains, caves, and cave entrances
  • Monsters will only lay their eggs in complete darkness

If you want to give the switch to the world generation, you just need to go to Create World -> Experiment Features, and turn on “Caves and Cliffs”. Make sure your game is updated first!

If you see a weird bug or a slightly unusual formation, you can report it to Mojang on Reddit … or you can keep it a secret, if it looks really cool.



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