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The upcoming Inazuma update of Genshin Impact focuses on the Archon Baal region, which seems to have been placed in an antagonistic role for this story.

Genshin effectThe 2.0 update will take players to the province of Inazuma, ruled by Archon Baal. The region is described as an isolated country, where there are strict rules that make citizens submissive and trapped within its borders. Prior to this update, little information had been provided on the enclosed territory, except for one NPC that fled from Inazuma to Liyue. temporary Genshin effect The 2.0 story trailer hints at some more specific details about Inazuma’s leadership, there are still mysteries surrounding Archon Baal and his intentions as Raiden Shogun of Inazuman Bakufu.

Trailer of “The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia” released by miHoYo for giving Genshin effect the player sees a glimpse of the latest information that will be included. The trailer reveals some of the conflicts and main characters inside Genshin effect Inazuma province, as well as the politics and motivations that are twisted behind this evil intrigue. For the most part, it seems that the Raiden Shogun of Inazuma, also known as Baal, was behind most of the crimes against the Inazuman people.

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Inazuma is known as the Nation of Eternity, and is ruled by the Baal of the Electro element, who is one of the seven ruling gods Genshin effect the world of Teyvat. His role as Raiden Shogun of Inazuma Bakufu placed him in a role of absolute power, freely making laws and restrictions throughout the country to exile Inazuma and her citizens with its strict rules. Baal had also succeeded in driving Inazuma’s spirit into the forest, speaking with insecurity and desperation to maintain full and total control over his territory.

Raiden Shogun Impact Genshin Has Stolen The Sight Of His Citizens

The Genshin Effect of the New Inazuma Region Explained

Archon Baal’s latest effort is the relentless seizure of the Vision of his citizens. Visions are given to human beings after they are known by the gods for their actions. This vision provides variety Genshin effect characterizes their extraordinary strength, which would be a great threat to the lordship of Baal in the province of Inazuma. The act of removing one’s Sight leaves the victim with what is described as “emptiness“, effectively robbing them of their ambitions. Baal’s narration in the trailer” The God and the Eovymia Eternal Euthymia “reveals his knowledge of the matter, but he is believed to have no remorse for his actions. The trailer can be seen here:

In response to his actions, a match was formed inside Genshin effect Inazuma prefecture and effectively plunged the prefecture into the Civil War. The resistance consisted of Inazuma citizens who had taken their Vision, or feared their Vision was taken by the Raiden Shogun’s forces. Archon Baal had sent his own army to crush this rebellion, presumably with the aim of reasserting full control over Inazuma and gaining more Vision to achieve his goal. Those who oppose him are considered “Enemies of the Eternal”, as they block the path of Baal’s plot to claim eternal existence. Baal’s usual oppression of his people speaks of a deeper evil that will be very difficult to conquer.

Given the incredible evidence of Archon Baal’s personality and evil intentions, it can be assumed that players will face a power -hungry god as one of the main enemies Genshin effect 2.0 update. While it is not known how players will be able to interact with Raiden Shogun of Inazuma, the information currently available speaks to the huge threat it poses. Genshin effect Version 2.0 was released on July 21, 2021.

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