Dark Souls 2 Player Defeat It Without Talking To Any NPCs

YouTuber ymfah has uploaded a video showing their journey through Dark Souls 2 without talking to anyone.

Dark Souls 2 Crestfallen Warrior

One YouTuber by the name of ymfah has defeated Dark Souls 2 without speaking to any NPCs.

You may not realize it but NPCs play an important role in Dark Souls 2. You can ride a bonfire in the first game but, in the sequel, you do so through the Emerald Herald which also enhances your Estus Flask – the game’s main healing item. Meanwhile, the blacksmith makes your weapon deal more damage while selling various other equipment. Others along the way give you items that can be an advantage in tight spots. Without talking to any of them, you are basically running a level one game with basic weapons. That’s difficult.

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This 52 minute video was viewed by PCGamesN and it showcases a lot of distractions and ways out to avoid bosses pushing you to talk to them and seemingly inevitable moments where you’re desperate to talk to a character. Meanwhile, there are no comments, just silly music and subtitles – like changing the Shrine of Amana to say ‘Hell’ which is very appropriate – that highlights how it all works. Ymfah even dived into the lauded DLC for being so much harder than the base game during this run.

Speaking of the run, ymfah said, “I’m not sure if the Shrine of Winter will open without lighting the first four bonfires since Aldia appeared after 4 p.m. I half expected to plant a million souls using the Melantia’s Ring and Maughlin set. . ”

For context, there are four main bosses in the game that, when killed, open up a whole new path leading to the next half of Dark Souls 2’s journey. Actually, what you are doing is collecting a certain number of souls. So with items like the bonfire aesthetic that, when burned on a campfire, goes to a selected area to the next new game, you can defeat the same key boss four times. However, in Scholar of the First Sin – a reorganizer – there are new NPCs and bosses. Their name is Aldia. That is what ymfah avoided but, in doing so, they were unable to fight them after the last boss, Nashandra, when she usually appeared as an irresistible enemy.

Ymfah has several other videos such as “How to defeat Skyrim without running,” “How to Pacifist Dark Souls,” and “How to” Gun Only “Bloodborne.” If challenges are your thing, they may need to be noticed, but good luck if you’re the one turning around.

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