Magneto Trial Teaser Hints On X-Men Versus Avengers

Marvel Comics has released a new trailer for the upcoming X-Men show “The Trial of Magneto”-promising potential for the X-Men against the Avengers!

Marvel Comics has released a thrilling teaser video for the upcoming X-Men miniseries, Magneto experiment, and that signaled an explosive confrontation with The Avengers. The X-Men’s Hellfire Gala is supposed to guarantee the future of mutant racing, with mutants even rocking Mars. Unfortunately, events happen very tragically the next day, when the X-Men find out the Scarlet Witch has been killed in the land of Krakoan.

This story will continue in the future Magneto experiment miniseries by Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck, launched in August 2021. There, Master Magnetism will be blamed for Scarlet Witch’s death, and the evidence against her looks pretty strong; he invited Wanda Maximoff to the Hell Gala in the first place, and he was the last person to see her alive. The world will watch to see mutant justice in action.

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Marvel Comics has released a new teaser video Magneto experiment, where Leah Williams ’X-Factor team investigates the murder scene to find out the truth. To make matters worse, the trailer hinted this would lead to a conflict with the Avengers – with Earth Mightiest Heroes challenging the X -Men after the death of one of their own.

Of course Magneto actually killed the Scarlet Witch – presumably to resurrect her as a mutant. The two are seen interacting at Sword # 6, and the vague dialogue raises the possibility that the Master of Magnetism will work hard to restore his shattered family. He was able to decide to play the three laws of Krakoa against each other, with the first (“Make more mutants“) as opposed to the thirdMurder of no manThe Scarlet Witch is no longer considered “The Pretender,” a person who had infiltrated mutant society for decades before her true origins were revealed.

But the trailer also suggests that Magneto’s attempt will fit in with other ongoing bows – most notably Jonathan Hickman Inferno miniseries, in which Mystique is expected to move against Krakoa. Marvel’s new trailer focuses on Mystique for a while, showing him clearly amused by the chaos, and that promises the truth ”can burn Krakoa to the ground“- echoes an old prophecy from Destiny’s wife Mystique. This raises the possibility that Mystique was the one who killed the Scarlet Witch, possibly even in the guise of Magneto, and this was the beginning of his attack on Krakoa. If so, then it was a masterstroke, as it would cause Magneto to break and at risk of causing a direct war between Avengers and also X-Men.

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