The Android 12 Material You app is starting to hit the Play Store

Visually, the biggest change found on Android 12 is the operating system’s ability to change its theme based on your wallpaper. That’s an option that will be available for third -party apps as well, and ahead of the final launch of Android 12, some apps have already added support for Material You.

To put it simply, Material You is the next step in Material Design, a style that Google has used since Android Marshmallow across Android, the web, and its various products. Announced at I / O 2021, this new design language will make its first appearance in Android 12 specifically on Pixel phones to begin with. To date, Google hasn’t added Material You to most apps, though in a Beta 3 release we’ve noticed it in the Google Camera app.

In terms of third -party support, some very talented developers managed to run the feature on their apps before Google even published official documentation on how to do it – an impressive performance!

One of the apps that has already implemented Material You is Sleep as Android, a favorite of the Android community for years now that turns your phone into a sleep tracker. The developer, Urbandroid, explained to Android Police that the app is now “99% Material You Style” and, of course, it responds to wallpapers because they’re ready even with a little reminder of just choosing one color to base the theme on, just changing the saturation and brightness to differentiate the elements. There aren’t quite a few themed apps yet and there are still some changes that can be made, but it will all start well especially when you consider that Google hasn’t finalized the API.

You must manually dismiss this update as an APK for now. The link can be found in the video description below.

Long time no see 9to5Google contributor Dylan Roussel has also updated his app, Inware, with support for the You You theme. This update is already available on the Play Store for those on the beta track as well. Just install it and make sure the “use system color” toggle is turned on. Personally, I find the effect most obvious when dark mode is activated.

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