5 best drop locations on the Bermuda Free Fire map for a safe rank push

Enemy elimination and survival are the two main aspects of stage emphasis in Garena Free Fire. Gamers try to improve their rankings well in each game season and unlock certain rewards.

They need to play the game strategically to improve their assessment over time. While skill plays an important role in determining ratings, players should also know the POIs where it is safe to land to last longer.

Free Fire: Great landing spot in Bermuda

1) Peak

The location of this POI is very important in terms of push rank in Free Fire. Puncak is located in central Bermuda and is accessible from every corner of the map. This location has many buildings spread over a wide area. Game players can easily find good loot for the whole team.

They can rotate from this location to other POIs easily. Players also have the opportunity to seize the site quickly and flee to other areas in the event of an enemy attack, thus making it one of the safest drop -off locations on the Bermuda Free Fire map.

2) Mars Electric

Mars Electric POI in Fire Free
Mars Electric POI in Fire Free

Mars Electric is located at the bottom of the map and has several buildings, and the loot results are good. Gamers who stop by at this location hold the weapons needed to survive.

Not many players get down on Mars Electric, and those who do will easily last longer on the map and get good ratings which is important for leveling in Free Fire.

3) Cape Town

Cape Town POI in Fire Free
Cape Town POI in Fire Free

One of the right POIs in Bermuda that offers excellent booty is Cape Town, where several buildings are located close to each other. This group of buildings makes it a safe place to hide in case of an enemy attack.

Players will get a lot of loot at this location, and each team member receives a decent weapon to survive and eliminate enemies. As such, Cape Town is one of the best POIs for level emphasis in the Bermuda Free Fire map.

4) Ship Yard

Ship on Free Fire
Ship on Free Fire

Located to the north of the map, the Shipyard provides one of the best loot locations in Bermuda. Gamers tend to get premium loot from these locations. As a result, most of them landed at this location.

As many players descend in this area, players also have the opportunity to increase their kills to earn more points for leveling in Free Fire.

5) Factory

POI factory in Free Fire
POI Factory at Fire Free

POI offers some of the best loot on the map of Bermuda. Players prefer to stop by here because of the high level weapons and other items that appear nearby.

They will be able to quickly get the necessary loot and escape the POI to get a safe position on the Bermuda Free Fire map.

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