The Valve Steam Deck game console uses the Nintendo Switch, and reservations are made directly. How to get yours

Want to get a Steam Deck?

Want to get a Steam Deck?


Out of nowhere, Valve reveals a new one Dek Wap on Thursday. A mobile device, which looks similar to the Nintendo Switch ($ 299 on Amazon), play PC games and act as a stand -alone computer. The company offered basic details about its new system, saying it will be available in December.

Steam Deck is Valve’s entry into the mobile gaming device market. It looks similar to the Switch but with a 7-inch touchscreen, 16GB of RAM, and is powered by a Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 graphics, which is powerful enough to run most AAA games. Bookings for the device are now broadcast live, but will not be the same process as buying a PS5 or Xbox Series console.

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Valve’s Steam Deck is a portable portable PC


Here’s what you need to know about ordering a Steam Deck.

When can I order my Steam Deck?

Bookings will begin on Friday at 10 a.m. PT (1:00 ET) on Steam Deck booking page.

How does a Steam Deck order work?

A $ 5 fee is required to make a reservation for the Steam Deck, according to booking page. When the order is submitted, it is put in a queue. When December runs out, an order invitation will be sent based on the order that the order has sent. That $ 5 will then go to the price of the Steam Deck.

Who can order a Steam Deck?

Valve has made some conditions for booking. First, you need a Steam account. Free to make and required to use Steam Deck. Second, to order a unit on Friday, your Steam account must be used to make a purchase before this June. Valve says this will help ensure a fair ordering process.

Those who have not made a purchase before June should wait until Sunday, July 18, to make a reservation.

When will Steam Deck be released in the US?

This December.

What are the significant differences between the different versions of Steam Deck?

There are three Steam Decks released. The starter unit is $ 399 and comes with 64GB of storage. Priced at $ 529, the storage increases to 256GB and uses an NVMe SSD, which Valve says is faster than the cheaper model’s eMMC storage. The third Steam Deck is priced at $ 649. It has 512GB NVMe SSD storage with the fastest read and write speeds, and it will have an anti -glare engraved screen. All three will have microSD slots for more storage.


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