Steam deck for $ 4,000? Pre-Order Hit Scalpers for Valve Handheld PCs

(Credit: eBay)

As expected, scalpers are already trying to profit from Steam Deck by selling confirmed pre-orders for the device from $ 1,000 to $ 4,100.

EBay listings for Steam Deck began declining shortly after pre -orders for handheld gaming PCs began on Friday morning. The product itself starts at $ 399. But a number of scammers bet desperate consumers will pay more.

“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR MAN?!?! PAPA’S GOTTA EAT,” wrote a scalper, who was trying to sell his pre-ordered Steam Deck for $ 5,000 to someone “rich.”

Steam Deck listings on eBay

The pre -order batch for the Steam Deck sold out quickly on Friday morning, which may have made the product hard to come by once it shipped in December. But in some good news, Valve seems to have provided effective safeguards to prevent online scammers from ruining the party.

To pre-order on Friday, you must have a Steam account that made a purchase before June 2021. In addition, each Steam account is limited to one pre-order, which costs $ 5 to place an order. As a result, scalpers are basically blocked from creating a lot of fake Steam accounts to get a lot of pre-orders.

We suspect this system helps consumers order products. This is because three PCMag staff managed to pre-order for Steam Deck on Friday morning in what felt like a miracle, given the devastating launch for the latest PC graphics card.

Steam Confirmation for Steam Deck purchases

The experience was certainly not free of hiccups. The homepage for Steam Deck suffered a crash after pre-orders opened at 10 a.m. PST. Meanwhile, Valve’s check -out system was initially difficult to process our credit card information. But by 10:15 a.m., all three PCMag staff had managed to place an early order.

Other users are not so lucky. For some people, a error appeared to say their Steam account was “too new” to qualify to pre-order on Friday morning, even though they had been Steam users for years. (Valve will open pre-orders to all Steam accounts this Sunday, July 18 at 10 a.m.)

Steam website
The Steam Deck page indicates that new orders will not be filled until Q1 and Q2 next year.

Friday’s early pre-orders for the Steam Deck appear to have sold out at 10:41 p.m. That’s when we saw Valve’s website had changed the order availability for the product to “Q1 2022” instead of December.

Even so, the Steam Deck site still takes pre-orders from the users concerned. But availability for the 512GB model has been downgraded back to “Q2 2022.” That’s not a good sign for users who fail to get an initial order.

However, so far we’ve only seen around 40 listings for Steam Deck on eBay – another sign that the booking system doesn’t use controllers. On the other hand, you can already get over a thousand eBay listings for certified pre-order sales for Nintendo Switch OLED models. On Thursday, Nintendo kicked off the first pre-order batch for the upcoming console, which caught the attention of consumers and scalpers.

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