Note Wild Rift patch 2.4: Three new champions, re -ranked, more

Wild Rift patch 2.4 is about to arrive, and it will be introduced lots of new content, including three new champions, new items, changes to the way the level game works, champion bans and more.

Wild Rift is on its way to becoming the number one MOBA on mobile, and the developers have worked hard to introduce new features and refine the experience to make it better than the existing ones.

Wild Rift patch 2.4 not only introduces some exciting new champions and items, but also includes a reorganization of the level system and some new features, including a champion ban. This is all we know so far.

Three new champions: Akshan, Brand, Nunu & Willump

Akshan, Rogue Touch

Akshan is the 157th champion to be added to the League of Legends since early 2009.

Akshan recently joined the League of Legends roster, and now he is also entering the Wild Rift.

Described as a sniper, he fits into a mid -line role with a large amount of damage, stealth, wrestling hooks to cover opponent’s distance, and the ability to earn bonus gold and shorten allies’ response timers by avenging their deaths.

Brands, Burning Revenge

Default brand skin in League of Legends

Brand is an absolute threat in League of Legends, and now he’s going to wreak havoc and burn opponents in Wild Rift as well.

As a fire witch, she can do everything from Blaze, Sear, and Conflagrate enemies to swallow them with the Piller of Flame and Pyroclasm.

Nunu & Willump

Nunu and Willump in League of Legends

The iconic jungling duo, Nunu & Willump, will also enter the Wild Rift. Players with an interest in tank champions will definitely be happy to see them added to the ever -expanding list of games.

Their abilities, Consume, Snowball Barrage, Absolute Zero, and of course, Bigball Snowball Ever !, can crush skilled players. It will be interesting to see how quickly they can master it in the mobile version.

New items: Solari Chargeblade, Crystalline Reflector, Essence Reaver

Wild Rift patch 2.4 adds three new items, two of which have no comparison items in League of Legends; Solari Chargeblade and Crystalline Reflector. Here’s an explanation of what they do, along with Essence Reaver.

Solari Chargeblade

Solari Chargeblade is a great item for players who like the idea of ​​launching critical attacks. Basically, it gives players a temporary bonus for their critical attacks every time they perform an ability.

Crystal Reflector

Crystalline Reflector is a simple but effective item. Not only reduces physical damage, but also reflects that damage to the enemy.

Essence researchers

League of Legends players are already familiar with Essence Reaver. But for those unaware, it has two effects: it increases the damage of your ability and restores the part of which each time you attack.

The rework of the stage eliminates a series of promotions, adding a champion ban

Note Wild Rift patch 2.4
Game Riot

The champion ban was finally added to Wild Rift in patch 2.4.

The developer also confirmed that the patch will introduce some changes to how the tier system works. First of all, a series of promotions will be released, and the current level game will have three bans per team.

In addition, players need to have six additional champions to play on the level, and a free champion spin for the game has been added.

That’s all we know about the patch so far. We will update this article with a full list of patch notes as they become available.


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