Shroud explains why PUBG passed the prime time

Although Michael Shroud Grzesiek has done a lot of streaming, Valerant Canada took over PUBG after a while. Unfortunately, his recent crack in the game, like previous attempts, was unsuccessful. He believes BR is “old and dated”, and only a sequel can save him from unpredictable doom.

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Shroud has not played PUBG on a regular basis in all this time. As expected, he has found greener pastures like Valorant

Interestingly, his recent return to PUBG was not what he thought. He started well as usual, but the suffering and frustration started after that.

This is what he said after being eliminated several times

“This is my PUBG experience. The first few games were actually really fun. Then this happened for the next 10 games [minutes]… It’s just laying eggs, killing, dying, laying eggs killing, dying … No matter where I go. People think they want this game. But in reality … it’s old, it’s dated, it’s done. That all. Let’s move on. Wait for PUBG2. “

Basically, Shroud is really unimpressed with how players land at different locations on the map. He believes that the system is outdated. Instead, players should have the flexibility to spawn wherever they want on the map.

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After that, the former CS: GO pro showed that nothing is more suited to the game than a sequel.

Shroud has no plans to stop streaming

The Canadian streamer showed in one of his recent streams that he has no plans to stop streaming, as long as he makes money.

Shroud celebrated its 27th birthday recently and its enthusiastic followers aren’t ready to think it’s no longer airing.

He noted that as long as viewers enjoy his content and accompany him on this journey, stopping from streaming will never cross his mind, even if he is 80 years old. He said:

“There’s no reason for me to quit. As long as I’m making money, and I’m making money with you guys being here, I’m [will] always do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was here for another 10, 15 years, maybe more. I play video games to make a living; it was the easiest job ever.

Shroud, in his journey as a content creator, has taken on a variety of titles, including Valorant, Rust and PUBG, among others. While he doesn’t stream some of these titles on a regular basis as usual, his enthusiastic followers will be happy to know that he won’t be quitting any time soon.

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