The Steam Deck, Netflix, and Super Mario 64

This week started very slowly when out of nowhere, Valve gave us some very important hardware news. We also learned that Netflix is ​​trying to break into games, auction fever is taking over the retro gaming world, and more games are being postponed to next year.

Valve announced a handheld Steam Deck

On the day the pre -order Nintendo Switch OLED opened – perhaps just a coincidence – Valve announced its own handheld device: the Steam Deck. This mini PC will reportedly run any AAA games and can also be used like a traditional PC. Steam Deck runs SteamOS 3.0 based on Arch Linux, and it has a Proton Valve compatibility layer to run many games built for Windows. It has a built -in 7 -inch display with a 720p screen but will come with a dock that allows it to connect to an external display at resolutions up to 8K. More or less the Switch Pro is not like the OLED model.

As a replacement for pre-orders, Valve uses a system called booking, where users can order the console for a small fee ahead of its launch in December. This aims to reduce bulk purchases by scalpers, as you can only purchase consoles via Steam, need to have an account that made previous purchases on the platform, and can only purchase one Deck for each account. The system opened with some problems – and scalpers are already popping up with listings on eBay – but it seems people are generally able to make reservations.

Super Mario 64 sold for more than $ 1.5 million at auction

A closed copy of Super Mario 64 became the highest -priced game of all time when it went on sale at Heritage Auctions for $ 1.56 million. The game is worth so much because of its near -perfect condition – it earned a very rare 9.8 Wata score, which is a score given by retro game graduates Wata Games based on how pure the game is and its finish. It precedes the previous record holder, a sealed copy The Legend of Zelda, which was sold at the same auction house just now Super Mario 64 at a price of $ 870,000.

There’s a bit of an auction fever in the retro gaming world right now, as faded copies of old games practically overlap to set record prices. Copy Super Mario 64 is just the latest property to acquire a large amount at Heritage Auctions. The auction house has regularly tackled gaming issues since the Nintendo PlayStation was sold there last year. It is also a place that sells closed copies Super Mario Bros at a price of $ 660K earlier this year.

Netflix reportedly wants to join the video game market

Report from Bloomberg this week hinted that Netflix has a design about the world of cloud gaming. The streaming service has a new initiative to add cloud gaming to its platform, and the initiative is led by former EA executive Mike Verdu. It is expected that this new service will be added at no additional cost to customers. This is an interesting idea, but we still lack details on how exactly this will work.

The gaming market is certainly attractive to Netflix as it finds new growth paths. There’s no exact word on how the game will run into the Netflix platform – is the game simple, suitable for mobile devices, or an AAA console title streamed to Netflix? The company allegedly operates a cloud gaming service, but we don’t know what it’s like in that service.

More games pending

Unfortunately, there was some negative news this week. But more games are delayed, until the end of this year or until 2022. The worst delays are games that only have a blurred new release window. First, we heard it Ghostwire: Tokyo, one of two upcoming Bethesda PlayStation exclusives, is delayed from October 2021 to early 2022. Capcom also announced that it is postponing the multiplayer title Resident Evil Re: Ayat in the last moments from July 2021 to around 2022.

Later this week, Ubisoft revealed that it was slowing down both Six Rainbow Extraction and Republic of Riders, two of the major pillars issued for this fiscal year. In both cases, the game requires more development time. Extraction postponed from September 16, 2021 to January 2022. Republic of Riders postponed from September 2 to October 28. This is the only delay so far this year, but still disappointing.

Games released this week

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
    The classic Zelda title returns in this beautiful eraser for Switch, following Link as he soars between floating islands.
    F1 2021
    Play with 20 drivers and 10 teams in this official Formula One World Championship game.
    Observer: Redux System
    Join Daniel lazarski as he investigates the shivering mysteries in this noir cyberpunk detective story.


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