Steam Deck Sellers Flood eBay With Expensive Listings

Valve’s recently announced handheld PC, Steam Deck is like a Switch, not out yet. But people can pre-register to buy it later and some scammers are already trying to cancel this registration for hundreds of dollars.

The Dek Wap revealed on July 15 and yesterday, Valve opened a store that allows people to drop five dollars to sign up for a chance to buy one. This device will allow people to play many of the Steam games they already own while on the go through the powerful hardware inside the device. The base model starts at $ 400.

For the first hour or so on July 16, after Valve began accepting these pre-registrations, things crashed and people experienced error messages and servers crashed. But eventually, things calmed down and it became easier to pre-register for Steam Deck.

While everything went quiet and with a $ 5 registration fee, nothing stopped the resale, which in the last 24 hours has flooded eBay with offers to buy Steam Decks at hefty prices, including some asking as high as $ 2,500.

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A large number of these listings claim to have been pre-sold or pre-ordered, saying things like “ORDERS CONSIDERED * PRESALE Preorder Ships In December. ” Others promised that Steam Deck would ship in December and his order was locked. However, clearly, according to Valve, all of this is not true.

If we visit Valve FAQ page for Steam Deck, you’ll see lots of useful answers about hardware, releases, the purchase process and much more Steam Deck hardware. The most important answers can be found in about half a page:

When can I place an order?

We intend to start sending out order invitations in December 2021. We will make every effort to convert all bookings into orders but we cannot guarantee availability.

The response clarifies that these handheld computers will not begin shipping in December 2021. Instead, Valve intends to send purchase invitations during that month to people who pre-register. And while Valve claims it will do everything to “convert all bookings to orders”, it does not “guarantee the availability” of Steam Decks. So obviously, even if you put in $ 5 at the time pre-registration aired on July 16th, Valve can’t guarantee 100% you’ll get your device by the end of the year or even if you’ll get it all.

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Compare that information with a large number of eBay sellers which demands otherwise. Strange that all of this is still on the site because apparently this is a list with potentially deceptive claims.

Kotaku have contacted eBay about this Steam Deck listing and if they will continue to be on the site.

While I understand that many of you may feel FOMO after not getting into the pre-registration frenzy yesterday, I will stop buying any of these eBay listings and support this reseller. Instead, go to Valve website and make your own order. While it may wait a long time before you get it, it is a better use of your time and money.




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