Cyberpunk 2077 Grappling Hook Mode Adds Promised Parkour Mechanics

While not exactly the mechanics of running on walls that we want, this mode allows us to fly like a cyborg Spider-Man.

v with spiderman's eyes

To say that CD Projekt Red didn’t live up to many of the promises it made during the success before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 would be a reality. A large amount of what was advertised for the much-anticipated title yet remained on the cutting room floor. Things like a working subway system, vehicle customizations, deeper backgrounds, extra DLC, cops that won’t magically teleport behind you if you do a lot of things like the jaywalk, and many more features that aren’t in Cyberpunk and likely will never happen to be.

Since it is doubtful that CD Projekt will be able to turn Cyberpunk into the game they claim, it relies on modders to save the day. One of the latest modes adds game mechanics that were advertised but cut before fans could use them. That is the ability to park across the building. This mode doesn’t allow us to do that, but it does allow us to roam the Night City with a wrestling hook like some sort of Spider-Man cyborg. And that’s pretty good.

A modder by the name of PerfNormBeast created the Grappling Hook mode and it looks like a really fun way to traverse the world of Cyberpunk. It allows the V to pull away towards the building or swing and catch itself before falling. According to the description of the mode, you can even gain experience while using a wrestling hook and use it to improve it. It seems a bit awkward to use but allows for a new way to approach fights and beat Night City traffic.

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While this isn’t the kind of parkour running on the wall that was initially shown and eventually excluded from the game, it was the closest we got to flying around town with our mechanic cyber members. It’s sad that modders have to be the ones to turn this game into something that resembles what we’re advertising. It’s been a disaster that a recent Reddit post about a game’s failure caused players to create memes about all the missing features that have yet to be realized. Mod is probably our best chance of getting the Cyberpunk we all want, and it looks like we could see more of it over time.

It should be noted that despite the many bugs and the absence of many of the promised features, Cyberpunk 2077 is still quite popular. Even after getting many warnings about its poor performance on the PS4, it became the best -selling digital game in June after it was put back on the Playstation Store. This is either proof that the CD Projekt hype machine is finally successful or people are willing to ignore anything if it means hanging out with Keanu Reeves.

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