What is Google Workspace and How Do You Use It?

Since Google launched Workspace for all Gmail users, many valuable tools are now available for free.

But what exactly is this tool? Is there a use for them? Here’s everything you need to know about Google Workspace.

It All Starts With Gmail

If you look at the loading screen of Google’s email service, you’ll notice a few changes. Instead of loading Gmail, the splash screen now says Google Workspace.

These are the instructions that Google takes in its services. Instead of launching separate apps like Docs, Calendar, and Drive in a new window, you can now access them all inside Gmail.

You no longer have to open new tabs to find the things you need, reducing distractions. So you can focus on the task you have, because you don’t have to search for apps.

Collaboration in One Screen

Google is expanding Gmail from an email client to a complete collaboration solution. If you’re using the new Google Chat interface, you’ll see four new icons to the left of your email display.

Aside from regular Mail, you’ll find Chat, Spaces, and Meet there as well. To connect with people does not require opening a special application. You can send short messages via Chat, hold video conferencing via Meet, and set up collaboration spaces.

Google Chat

Google Chat in Gmail on iPad

If you enable Google Chat in Gmail, you’ll have Chat and Rooms set up for you. Aside from the usual File Sharing, Google Chat integrates their other services as well.

From the chat box, you can share files from your Google Drive, create video meetings on Google Meet, and even make appointments through Google Calendar.

In addition to talking to individuals, you can also create groups here. This makes it perfect for coordinating team and general group conversations.

Google Space (Formerly Google Room)

Google Room Example

This feature helps you create organized space for various projects. Each section you create has its own Chat, Files, and Tasks section. This ensures that everything you and your team need is on them.

The Chat tab ensures that all your Space -related conversations stay in one place. It has all the features of Google Chat. You can easily share files, create video conferencing, or schedule meetings right from the gadget.

If you need to share a file with your team, the Files tab will let you do it easily. You can upload files from your computer or share documents from your Google Drive.

Further, each file will retain its permissions. When you share a document, you choose whether you want your team to view, comment, or edit the permissions.

You’ll also notice that Google Workspace now opens Google Doc documents natively in the app. So you don’t have to open separate tabs or windows to view, comment, and edit documents.

Google Tasks in Spaces

Finally, task assignment is now done directly under the Tasks section. Here, you can create assignments, include all the details, set deadlines, and attach them to specific people. This automatically sends the task to the recipient’s Google Tasks application.

You can now create and assign many tasks in the blink of an eye. No more sending long emails just to get something done.

Google Meet

Google Workspace now includes shortcuts for creating and joining meetings. You will see a meeting room link as you click New meeting. You can also send invitations via email or by copying and sending them individually.

Start now will open a new browser window where you can run your meeting. So you don’t have to download or install a separate app.

You can also join meetings directly from Google Workspace. Select Join a meeting, enter the meeting room code, and you’re in.

Google Apps and More

Google Keep, Gmail, and Calendar

Even if you’re self -employed, you’ll appreciate Google Workspace. Its integration with Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Contacts helps you organize. You can check your schedule, make notes, view your tasks, and even find people in your Workspace.

Google Calendar

View and manage your daily schedule here. You can even create new events right from your screen. Organizing your schedule is easier.

Move your meetings via drag-and-drop. You can also change its length by grabbing the bottom of the time block and resizing it.

Google Keep

Taking notes from your email is even easier with Google Keep. When you click the icon, you will see your most recent note and a Pay attention … options.

When you create a note, it’s automatically linked to the email you open. Even if you save the note, you can still see the source email. By clicking on the source, it will take you to that email instead of having to search your inbox.

Google Tasks

All the tasks you need to do, including tasks assigned to you in Google Spaces, will appear here. To help you stay organized, you can create a list to separate tasks into sections.

If you add a task deadline, the task will appear on your calendar as well. This ensures you will not be left behind.

Google Tasks Tool

Google Contacts

If you have an Android smartphone, you can see all your contacts here. Easily find people and contact them directly from this view.

With one click, you can email, chat, set up Google Calendar appointments, or invite them to a video call. Through View recent interactions, you can also see your most recent emails to them.

Other Applications

Google also allows you to integrate other applications through the Google Workspace marketplace. Many popular apps like Asana, Box, Slack, Trello, and Zoom are available here.

Whatever message you open in your email reference in the app you open. This allows you to link emails so that people working with you will know the context of your message.

This is perfect if a customer is sending an email and you need to pass it on to your team. No need to forward orders manually – just add them to your team collaboration app with one click.

Remote workspace integration

The New Age of Integration

Google Workspace is a great network that lets you have productivity apps at your fingertips. You can finish everything without leaving Gmail.

All these features will allow you to focus and avoid distractions while working. You can save time and get more done – all for free!

Google Wordsapce
Google Converts G Suite to Google Workspace, Improving User Experience

G Suite will be discontinued, but all gadgets will remain under the Google Workspace name.

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