Warframe July 17 Update Patch Notes

The Skeleton War the update for July 17th (or known as Hotfix # 4 for Sisters of Parvos) has arrived on all platforms, so here’s a full list of changes and fixes for this patch. There’s not much to watch out for for this hotfix, as this only relates to fixes to various bugs found after the Sisters of Parvos update, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, some Melee Follow Through changes were made inadvertently in Sisters of Parvos, so the team has reversed those changes today. Without further ado, here he is and all the other things that have been changed with the July 17 update for Skeleton War! Also, if you didn’t get a chance to see it during TennoCon, check out The New War’s update trailer revealed below!

Warframe July 17 Update Patch Notes

Change of Weapon

  • Returns an unintentional Melee Follow Through change to 30.5. This is an experimental change we’re trying to build, but it needs to be reverted before it’s released.

  • Plus 60% fell to the Tenet Tetra Alt Fire effect area as expected.

  • Normalize the statistics of the Kuva Grattler Arch Gun with Heavy Weapons as intended and show the statistics stated in Arsenal:

  • Removed Headshot Damage Bonus on Agendus Tenet projectiles.



  • Fixes accounts that can’t log in if they have more than 1 vendor purchase with the cooldown ending on the same login.

  • Fixed loss of functionality when clicking through Ergo Glast Energy Offers too fast.

  • Fixes Headshots that suffer double damage if they come out of Shields to Health.

  • Fixed Hounds gives only 100 Mastery per level instead of 200 Mastery per level.

  • Fixing a traded Brother (therefore Converted) does not start at the expected Star Chart node.

  • Fixing Specter / Hounds don’t need to be killed if a Host migration occurs at the start of the Sister show’s Railjack mission.

  • Fixed an “Eliminate Target” objective that wasn’t updated after you Win or Converted your Lich Quva until you killed a Thrall.

  • Fixed receipt of unsaleable Sister Ephemeras duplicates that made Inventory a mess with no way to dispose of.

  • Fixes Grineer Arc Traps that didn’t face damage while Yareli was in Merulina.

  • Fixing the Mode or the emptied Energy intake will not be taken if Yareli’s Merulina is thrown at the right time.

  • Fixed inability to start K-Drive races while at Merulina Yareli.

  • Fixed Pistol projectile cases the wrong way when releasing the K-Drive.

  • Fixes Transfer to Operator while standing next to Volt’s Electric Shield until it automatically picks up the Shield.

  • Fix the Kuva Lich / Sister Vanquished prize that is still on the Mission End screen for missions played after a successful fight.

  • Fixed inability for broken Holokeys Chat.

  • Fix the incorrectly aligned Left Arm Hexis Plate on the Gara Prime.

  • Fixing another case of Syndicate Emotes that just looks weird on Operators.

  • Fixed the “Available Sessions” window showing the Legendary Level 1 player as MR31.

  • Fix Drifting over a player who is a Legendary Mastery Rank 1 on the Trade screen that states Mastery Rank 31.

  • Fix Railjack Crew members playing the wrong transmission.

  • Fixing Falcor a quick throw loses velocity when hitting anything.

  • Improved friendly AI for not being able to use Tenet Envoy.

  • Repairing a Grigori Tenet disk that was not crushed on a customer.

  • Fixed an issue with Yareli’s Noggle not having some attachments.

  • Improving Lavos and Hildryn were able to launch Energy -based Helminth Invigorations.

  • Fixing Venari cannot Heal the player properly.

  • Fix a Corpus Security Node that has too much health after Host Migration.

  • Fixed Railjack’s ‘Kill Commander’ objective which was not updated after being killed.

  • Fixes the disarmed Kompressa model as a Stug.

  • Fixed an issue with K-Drive stats showing red when it actually showed green as a positive change (Jump Charge).

  • Fixed inability to change color Arbiters of Hexis Chest Plate Energy.

  • Fixed certain Glyphs not being colored with the player UI theme in the Squad icon menu.

  • Fixes opened Maps disappearing quickly after opening them in Captura.

  • Fixed a script error when removing Khora’s Venari capability.

  • Fixed a script error when using Archwing Slingshot.

  • Fix a Foundry that tries to start or claim a job twice even if you only press a button once.

  • Fixes Yareli being knocked out of Merulina even though Primed Sure Footed is equipped.

As the saying goes, the July 17 update for Skeleton War is nothing to run away from home. There are a lot of bug fixes here, along with some quality of life changes. Having a favorite friend at the top of your friends list, even if there’s nothing to write home about, is a nice touch. And of course, the close -range change that is returned should mean the change is made a little better this time around.

Skeleton War and the July 17 update will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information on this update, see the official website.


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