The new Amazfit Powerbuds Pro earbuds have more features than the Tony Stark gadget

Do you know who likes wires? No one. Long gone are the days of headphones strapped to your phone, and recently to each other. Wireless earbuds are a complete exception, now becoming one of the hottest trends in the wireless industry.

The names of the companies that produce the best -selling are the well -known ones – Apple, Google, Jabra, Sony, and Samsung. In order for lesser -known competitors to get your attention, they need to offer a similar product at a lower price, or raise the bar by offering more features at the same price.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro takes the harder route by choosing the latter. While the moniker “Pro” has popped up a lot in tech marketing lately, PowerBuds Pro offers an impressive set of specifications and features that live up to its name and are perfect for their audience – savvy professionals.

Features that hopefully allow for the $ 149.99 price point are all there: Epic battery life (9 hours of consecutive use, 30 hours with casing), active noise cancellation (up to 40db, with 4 different modes), dust and water protection IP55, LCP liquid crystal diaphragm (yes, the same technology is used on Sony’s WH-1000MX3 headphones), automatic in-ear detection, and adjustable controls (with real pressure-sensitive buttons, on each stem).

Moreover, their exceptional fit and finish and overall sense of quality are in line with the expectations set by its price. Amazfit PowerBuds Pro also offers some very interesting features for Android users: fast Google pairing connection, tethered Google Assistant support, and charging via USB Type-C.

Setting Amazfit PowerBuds Pro apart from their peers are some unique features. For example, earbuds have an integrated accelerometer that actively monitors the angle of your cervical spine and asks you to adjust your sitting position, prompting you to correct any bad habits you pick up while working from home.

They can also automatically monitor the volume level played through the earbuds in real time and provide recommendations to help you protect your ear drums. Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can even provide recommendations for how much you can listen to in a certain amount throughout the week, according to the WHO guide to Making Listening Safe.

When paired with the Zepp fitness app, Buds offers real -time heart rate monitoring and will even let you know if they sense a dangerous pulse, thus providing accurate workout heart rate data without sacrificing comfort. They can also automatically detect when the wearer starts running and start tracking relevant information without having to start a training session.

Any technology purchase is a personal choice, because the most important feature for you is your choice. If you got an overview of the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro that’s interesting enough to motivate you to learn more, check it out here.

As a celebration for the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro that will go on sale today, you can actually win a pair when you play the Amazfit Racer game on your mobile device. Good luck!

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  • Amazfit PowerBuds Pro – $ 149.99


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