GTA Take-Two parent company issued a removal notice to GTA modders •

GTA Rockstar developer parent company, Take-Two Interactive, issued a removal notice for the GTA map mode.

“Just to make sure as many people here know, Take-Two has been having issues with the DMCA this week, first starting with GTAV map modes like GTA3 Portland, Vice City Overhaul, etc.,” Ash_735 wrote on the official GTA Forum ( thank you, PC Player).

As Ash puts it, an agreement to help publishers and the modding community coexist peacefully was reached seconds after Take-Two “tried to make GTA modding games illegal”.

“Naturally this didn’t fly well in 2017 and both players and the gaming media attacked Rockstar and Take-Two for this result,” they continued. “Now what comes of this is Rockstar Games stepping in and talking to Take-Two to highlight the interests of the modding community and therefore the elimination [were] dropped but some ‘rules’ were enforced.

“Origin [agreement] compiled in 2017 and can be summarized as “Do not port maps / vehicles / content from old GTA games or other video game series to RAGE” and ‘Stay away from Online, never touch Online or anything related to GTA Online’ “.

Now, however, Ash alleges that the deal was “updated without informing the public, many changes and words changed in addition to the denial that Take-Two can handle all this and well, Take-Two can do what they want”. Apparently, new rules were also allegedly added that say that other than not hauling content from old games, modders can’t create new content, well that is – which means they can’t do anything else.

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The problem becomes very challenging when players find that there is no way to compare old and new versions of the deal, as the page seems to be “excluded from Wayback Machine and other archiving sites so people can no longer check what it says”.

Since yesterday, Take-Two has issued massive removal orders for a number of older GTA modes, including modes that have been featured in GTAF in the Modding Section like GTA: Underground, which seems to be due for major updates in the next few days, and a 15 -year -old project, GTA: Liberty City. Even HD texture projects like Vice Cry are also being targeted.

From what the modding community can gather, it seems that Take-Two lawyers are searching a modding database for terms like Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas, etc. And while no one is really sure why Take-Two is doing this now, some are speculating that it has something to do with a much-anticipated series update, or perhaps a remaster or remake project that will see old GTA games launched on the gen system latest.

The news has seen some prolific GTA financiers criticize the company for what they deemed a breach of previous agreements, and are still shaken by the company’s efforts to take over the reverse engineered versions of GTA 3 and Vice City.

ICYMI, Rockstar recently announced an upcoming summer update for GTA Online.

The update, which will launch on July 20, introduces Los Santos Tuners, a subway reunion featuring “social spaces with monsters” as well as Tuner -based missions and races. The new races include the fairly obvious Street Race series, the Pursuit series, with checkpoints that are rarely placed for players to find their own route, and Sprint, a point-to-point race in free mode.


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