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Rockstar Games parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has spent the last week or so using DMCA removal requests to remove old Grand Theft Auto mod. The publisher has not yet explained why it started this sudden removal of the old mode.

Late last week, players and mod creators started reporting on Twitter and the old GTA Forum Grand Theft Auto mode on the PC is being pulled. On July 17 it became clear that something was going on. Many modes, including the popular ones Vice city and San Andreas mod, has been removed and is no longer available in ModDB.

Some of these modes are very old. GTA: City of Liberty, total conversions Vice city channeled mode GTA III to City Representative engine, first released in 2005. It has now been removed from ModDB. GTA Underground, a popular mode that tries to combine several GTA maps become one big game, also released on July 17th. The developer confirmed via Discord message that the mod was deleted as a direct result of a DMCA removal notice from Take-Two Interactive.

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A community manager and editor from ModDB explained in a short tweet thread that the site reached out to Take-Two and tried to start a dialogue in an effort to find a different solution than just using the popular mode. Take-Two was unacceptable and ModDB had to take down its content after receiving a DMCA notice. He also warned modders to “tread carefully” as more DMCA notifications may take a long time GTA mod.

Kotaku contacted Rockstar Games about the recent DMCA removal but developers and publishers did not respond.

GTA Forums user Ash_375 has posted along with comprehensive and detailed forum posts lists the many modes that have been released and some reactions from the community. Many modders and players are upset because they feel this is a Take-Two that will continue its words.

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Previously, publishers in 2017 were under attack after forcing the popular GTA modding tool software Open IV to close. This caused a huge explosion of anger from the parties GTA community modding. It was huge actually, finally Rockstar Games and Take-Two changed their plans and allowed Open IV to return. At the time, the company was preparing a bunch of new rules that modders could follow to avoid DMCA removal. Main text saved by PC player in an article from 2017 and can be concluded as “Do not mod GTA Online, stick to single player mode and don’t sell your mode. “It’s quite simple.

But in June 2019 these guidelines changed with this text added to the rule:

This does not apply to … (iii) the use or importation of other IPs (including other Rockstar IPs) in the project; or (iv) create a new game, story, mission, or map.

Now, in 2021, it looks like Take-Two is pursuing a mode that violates this part of the rule. Although obviously, these rules were changed without warning or warning, and many modders are now left to scramble for what to do next. Although it should also be noted that the rules posted in 2017 always stipulate that Take-Two can change the rules at any time or reject any mode for any reason at a later date. However, the sudden surge in the removal of the DMCA has shocked many and even angered them.

Take-Two has long been a fan of GTA modders. Earlier this year, the publisher struggle to throw Vice city and GTA III the source code is recorded in reverse. Finally, the developer behind the code can to make their work back online. But this is another example of Take-Two’s ongoing struggle against modders. This is a strange attitude to take in 2021, when video game modes have become a popular way to ensure old games remain relevant and playable after their initial release date.

It is not clear why Take-Two is going to be a wild DMCA now, years after this mode was first launched. Some communities say that it can be attributed to old rumors GTA remanufacturing or restoration. Others have speculated that it could be the result of not-officially-confirmed GTA 6. But this is all speculation. Only Take-Two knows what happened and so far the matter is no longer silent.



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