BMW M5 CS Drag Races Audi RS 7, It’s Total Destruction

This is how far we have come from a technology standpoint, and we have almost no potential. With the new 2,000 horsepower hyper -electric car coming out, our perception of speed cars will change forever. But until then, I think you’ll enjoy the classic BMW battle over the Audi. The M5 CS versus the Audi RS 7. I know, it would make more sense to carry the RS 6. But in the end these two models are quite similar.

Both the M5 CS and RS 7 pack a turbocharged V8 engine, though BMW does have an advantage in terms of displacement, with 4.4-liters compared to only 4-liters in Audi. With a larger engine, BMW is also more grumbling, with 626 horsepower available on demand. Audi only has 591 horsepower, but more torque, at 590 lb-ft (800 Nm). Even so, the M5 CS isn’t far behind, with 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque.

Both cars have AWD, and they both use automatic gearboxes, but the Audi weighs 529 lbs (240 kg) more than its rivals, which may be an important factor in today’s battle. I think the RS 7 is a car that looks better, but in the end, that won’t affect how this happens, so let’s jump into the race and see who wins. Even drivers aren’t sure how the situation will unfold, though chances are BMW will emerge successfully.

For the first run today, Audi took the lead straight off the bat. But by the time they approached 124 mph (200 kph), BMW took control of the race and vanished into the skies. Even Daniel, the driver, was surprised at how fast the M5 CS was. Looking at statistics, BMW only takes 6.66 seconds to reach from 62 mph (100 kph) to 124 mph (200 kph), and a total of 11.57 seconds to walk a quarter mile (402 meters). The half -mile (804 meter) marker was reached in 17.72 seconds after the launch sequence, and the trap speed was 157 mph (254 kph).

The Audi is slightly faster to 62 mph but slower over the rest of the reading. So the initial predictions may be accurate, up to this point. They did it again, and this time BMW started it even better. By the time they were doing 70 mph (112 kph), the gap was starting to widen, as the RS 7 was already lagging behind. BMW managed to improve on the previous result, crossing a distance of half a mile in just 17.07 seconds!

For today’s final challenge, they decided to try out the rolling racing format, starting at 37 mph (60 kph). The M5 CS is so fast, not even funny anymore, and I feel that some Audi owners may not be arrogant with their cars in the future. While the drivers on the RS 7 are left with a lot of frustration, we can see the M5 CS doing some donuts, as it shows off its rear -facing xDrive system.

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