Limited Edition BMW X5, X6 Black Vermilion and X7 Are All M Showcases, No Extras

There are a few paradoxes that fans of the Old Continent of Bavarian vehicle makers should be aware of. Even if they are given a wider range of options than what is on offer for American fans, in the end one still feels something is wrong. So while in the US, the X5 Black Vermilion is only available based on the lower -end xDrive40i, in Europe there are a variety of options with the X5 and X6 Black Vermilion, as well as a limited edition X7 in metallic Frozen Black.

With over 250k units sold worldwide, it is safe to say that the BMW SAV / SAC trio from Spartanburg, USA is crucial to the continued success of the Bavarian brand. The carmaker cited three models that should impress anyone with their “high levels of comfort and luxury, top -notch performance, and clear dynamic handling capabilities” responsible for one of eight new deliveries.

Therefore, it is desirable for the company to make it attractive for customers, especially in the long summer when everyone is mostly thinking of a great summer vacation and trip, not the acquisition of the next vehicle. Still, BMW is pushing the limited edition X5 and X6 Black Vermilion plus the BMW X7 in metallic Frozen Black as potential adventure partners, as all three are ready to place orders and the Old Continent market launch is scheduled for August.

One thing to note is that this is all about the appearance and handling features – rather than adding an extra layer of performance. Therefore, all three special versions will be sold with the entire list of machines, but don’t expect extra bangs on stock. Instead, one can imagine all of this would require a penny. At home in Germany, the X5 Black Vermilion starts at no less than € 93,200 (which is around $ 110,648 at current exchange rates).

Meanwhile, the X6 Black Vermilion is priced at 100,700 euros ($ 119,552) and the limited edition X7 in Frozen Black metal that doesn’t even have a specific name will cost at least € 108,700 – which is no less than $ 129k. For cash, customers get a variety of M elements, from the M Sport Package to the M Alcantara Anthracite roof liner in Black Vermilions.

The BMW Individual feature is also available, but this stands out on the X7 because of its superiority SUV adopting most of the other elements, including a special Frozen Black metallic Individual paint finish, save for potentially controversial red contrast details.



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