Access WhatsApp Tests Through Various Devices Without Smartphones

WhatsApp is launching a limited public beta test that allows support for multiple devices without the need for a nearby smartphone.

One of the most requested features in WhatsApp is the ability to run one WhatsApp from multiple devices.

This feature hasn’t been made so far, due to the inconvenience involved with encryption, but WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart last week announced that the messaging app has found a way out of the problem without compromising security.

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According to the announcement, users can now use WhatsApp on their phones and up to four other non -phone devices at the same time. This should come in handy when your phone is down or working – or if the internet connection is weak.

Each device will connect to WhatsApp independently without compromising privacy and security done through end-to-end encryption. According to Cathcart, the platform has developed new technologies that maintain end -to -end encryption while still being able to sync contact names, chat archives, starred messages, and more.

To do this, WhatsApp builds a multi -device architecture that eliminates resistance – no need for a smartphone anymore “Source of truth” and without having to store people’s private messages on its servers.

To date, everyone on WhatsApp is identified with one identification key from which all encrypted communication keys are obtained. With multi -device support, each device now has its own identity key. WhatsApp servers maintain a mapping between each person’s account and all of their device identities. When someone wants to send a message, they get their device list key from the server.

To give people additional control and protection over which devices are connected, WhatsApp will continue to ask everyone to scan a QR code from their phone (a process that now requires biometric authentication) and they will also be able to see all companion devices connected to their account, as well as when it was last used. Finally, they can go out from a distance if needed.

To ensure a consistent experience across all devices, WhatsApp will sync message history, contact names, whether chats are archived, or if messages are starred – across devices and on an end -to -end encryption basis between devices.

WhatsApp initially tested the experience with a small group of users from their existing beta program and will continue to optimize performance and add some additional features before slowly rolling it out more widely. Those who choose to participate can choose not to participate.

For more information on the beta and to sign up, visit the WhatsApp Help Center.

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