Amazon’s children’s Fire tablet went on sale just in time for that summer’s trip

Summer has arrived, and for many families, that means it’s finally time to take a vacation they’ve been postponing for the past 18 months. With vacations comes travel, and with travel the kids get bored, so it’s really important to have something to keep them entertained when they’re in the car or on the plane for hours. Amazon’s keeps you covered today with discounts for its line of kids-specific Fire tablets, including the newly released Fire HD 10 Kids and HD 10 Kids Pro.

The kids version of the Fire tablet is essentially the same hardware as the standard model and is available in 7-, 8-, or 10-inch sizes. These include a child-friendly box with a built-in protector, two years of protection against damage, and a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids Plus service, which provides a child-friendly interface and access to games, apps, videos, and age appropriate and book on the tablet. Each size is available in a special version for ages 3 to 7 or ages 6 to 12.

The base 7-inch model typically costs $ 100, but Amazon has lowered it to $ 60 today. It comes with 16 GB internal storage, battery life of up to seven hours, and charging via Micro USB port.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids

The Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet comes with a kid-friendly casing, 16GB of storage, and a battery life of up to 7 hours. You can get it in versions for ages 3 to 7 or ages 6 to 12.

If you move to the 8 -inch version, you not only get a bigger screen, but you also get double the storage (now 32GB), twice as much RAM, a faster processor, battery life of up to 12 hours, and USB – C charging. Amazon usually sells this version for $ 140 but it sells for $ 90 today.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

The 8-inch Fire HD Kids tablet steps in to a faster processor, twice as much storage, and longer battery life. It is also available for ages 3 to 7 or ages 6 to 12.

The top-floor 10-inch version, newly updated earlier this year, includes a larger, quality screen, a faster processor and more RAM, and battery life of up to 12 hours with USB-C charging. The regular price of this model is $ 200, but today’s sale makes it low to $ 130.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

Amazon’s top tablet for Kids, the Fire HD 10 Kids has a bigger, sharper screen, a slimmer bezel, a faster processor, and a battery life of up to 12 hours. It is available in versions for children 3 to 7 or 6 to 12 years old.

No matter which model you use, it’s wise to take a microSD card to expand the amount of offline storage you have. The Fire HD tablet lets you store games, videos, books, and apps for offline use, which is great for in the car or on an airplane. A reliable 64GB Sandisk microSD card can cover the longest trip and can be picked up for $ 11. If you have two kids, two packs of the same card are $ 19.

Sandisk 64GB microSD card

A microSD card can easily expand the storage of a tablet or phone. The 64GB Sandisk card is a reliable option that provides plenty of storage for games, movies, apps and more. You can get it in one pack or save a few bucks for a few times by taking two packs.

If you want to calm down on that land trip, Woot has the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for $ 120 today, $ 80 off their regular price and much lower than the regular sales we’ve seen so far. Buds Pro provides active noise cancellation to help block outside noise and last for five hours between activated charges. The version sold by Woot is an international model, which has the same specifications as the US version, but comes with a 90 -day warranty provided by Woot instead of a year -round warranty through Samsung. Read our review here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro features a combination of technology found in Buds Plus and Buds Live, with the best sound quality the company has achieved in earbuds.


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