Apple Wouldn’t Be There If It Were Not for Open Technology, Says Steve Wozniak in support of Repair from Right to Repair

Apple co -founder Steve Wozniak has given his support to the rights -to -repair movement even as tech giants and consumers continue to disagree on the matter. In a message, recorded for the Cameo website, Wozniak said that we wouldn’t have owned Apple, if he hadn’t grown up in a “very open world of technology”. The 70-year-old, who founded Apple with Steve Jobs, said he supported the movement, adding, “I really think the people behind him are doing the right thing”. It’s time to recognize the right to repair more completely, he said. Wozniak’s comments come against a background of growing controversy from leaders of the right -to -repair movement.

Proponents of the movement claim that the tech giant is promoting a culture of “planned obsolescence”. Right to repair advocates also claim that large companies design their devices in such a way that they only last a certain amount of time and then have to be replaced. Another reason why this movement is getting louder is because they believe more devices are not only putting greater pressure on the environment but also causing a waste of natural resources.

Watch Wozniak talk about proper repairs here:

Apple’s co -founders argue that users should fix their own devices or have them fixed by a third party. He stressed that the Apple II could be modified and expanded to the maximum, adding that the product was the only source of profit for the company for the first 10 years.

Wozniak also explains how, previously, people were able to fix their televisions and radios as they arrived with instructions on paper, thus allowing users to fix them themselves. This allows tech enthusiasts to create new hardware and software, he said. “Sometimes when a company collaborates with another company, they can actually own a better business than if they really protect and monopolize and don’t work with another company that is really competitive,” he added.

He believes companies are blocked for giving them power and control over everything. “I think a lot of people’s minds, power over others equals money and profit,” he said. “Hey, is it your computer, or a computer screen? Think about it. It’s time to start doing the right thing,” Wozniak said in his closing remarks in the video.

According to a report by The Verge, on July 10, U.S. President Joe Biden issued an executive order asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to set rules to curb anti-competitive restrictions that limit users ’ability to repair tools on condition.

Biden specifically called on the FTC to stop unfair anti-competitive restrictions on the repair of third-party goods or self-repair, such as restrictions imposed by authorized manufacturers that prevent farmers from repairing their equipment.



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