How to Find (& Farm) Fire Bags in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Flame Sacs is a rare reward that is used as a manufacturing material and is only obtained by defeating monsters that light fire.

During The Story of Monster Hunter 2: Wings of the Ruin the only spin-off series featuring turn-based style fights, the game retains many of the features that are really made Giant hunter stands out from all other games. While fans and critics have stated that it is a pseudo Pokémon game, Monster Hunter Story 2 continues to uphold the manufacture of weapons and armor owned by the major game series. Players still have to fight and defeat Monsters to make better materials, as well as collect other items used to make crafts across vast landscapes Wings of Ruins.

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Fans are back from Giant hunter know exactly the problem of finding a particular item. In the main series, players must capture or kill (and carve) Monsters to receive some of the rarer rewards. Monster Hunter Story 2 does not have these features, and instead, has a level-per-fight system that can determine the rewards a player receives. Players can earn rare rewards such as Bottle Caps in the Everden crate, but most of the item -making items will be earned by defeating Monsters.

How to Find (& Farm) Fire Bags in Monster Hunter Stories 2

How to Find (& Farm) Fire Bags in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Flame Sac makes it back as an item to make weapons and armor that are rarer, and it was initially a challenge to get one of these fights. A Flame Sac is needed to make items such as the last upgrade of the Chicken Decaptitaro Great Sword, the second strongest Great Sword at the start of the game, and only reward prizes from some of the toughest Monsters. In addition, Flame Sacs are used to enhance a variety of fire -related equipment. Hunting Yian Kut-Ku is the only way to receive a Flame Sac from the beginning, but players who fight fire-inhaling Monsters, such as Anjanath, will be able to Flame Sac in Monster Hunter Story 2.

With enough patience and players can earn as many Flame Sacs as they need. Yian Kut-Kus was only available at Rare Monster Dens earlier in the year Monster Hunter Story 2. They are not very strong unless players choose to hunt them once they are free to explore the whole of Hakolo Island with weak weapons and armor. However, take some time to grab the more powerful equipment first and soon they will be easy enough to defeat. The faster a player can defeat the Monster, the better level they will score in the fight, and the better the reward they will earn in return.

The only way to plant Flame Sacs in Monster Hunter Story 2 is to fight the Fire-inhaling Monster, making Yian Kut-Ku the perfect Monster for planting this material. Riders have a better chance of getting Flame Sacs with higher level fights, and they can do so by winning Head-to-Heads, using Kinship Attacks, Skill Attacks, Synchronizing with their Monstie, winning fights in multiple turns, and more . All of these achievements are worth a certain amount of points, and players need a minimum of 400 points to earn an A position. There are still no guarantees, even at the S level (500 points), but of course Flame Sacs can be awarded to players who win a bout against Yian Kut -Kus – and other Fire Monsters at the end of the game.

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The Story of Monster Hunter 2: Wings of the Ruin now available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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