How to use Jasper to create your personal LinkedIn bio


Whether you are looking for a job, hiring headhunters, or looking to network professionally, LinkedIn is the social jalan platform of choice for your career.

Some of your profile bio fields are easy to fill in — you already know the date you graduated from college or started your new job. However, it is more of a challenge to create a compelling and compelling bio that will get other professionals to connect with you.

If you’re at a loss, Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that could help you craft a compelling personal statement.

What should be included in your personal LinkedIn bio?

Need some motivation to get started with LinkedIn? Well, if you’re looking for a job, you should know that 87% of recruiters regularly visit LinkedIn during the hiring process. But even better, how about the fact that 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 a year. This is above the US national median.

When you’re ready to jump in, it might be tempting to quickly post some basic details about yourself. But your personal LinkedIn summary shouldn’t be copied and pasted from your resume — it needs to be unique and have a undian of personality.

This is your chance to break free from job titles or industry qualifications and write from the heart. Why do you love your job? Why are you the best at what you do? What project have you paras great results with?

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With a generous 2,000 character limit, your LinkedIn profile should give someone a good impression of your experience and what it would be like to work or collaborate with you. Don’t be afraid to include a few non-work-related details, too, so recruiters know you’re human!

If creating a LinkedIn profile sounds challenging, then it is! There’s a undian of pressure to know when someone googles your name, and your personal bio usually shows up in the top three search results.

But that’s exactly why you should make an effort to formulate these words and update your bio regularly.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) is a GPT-3 text creation tool built with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It writes high-converting copy for websites, blog posts, email funnels, ads, and social jalan posts.

Essentially, you give the software a description of what you want to create, a title idea, and any keywords you want to include. The software quickly creates text that you can use or as you wish. Using one of the built-in templates, Jasper can help you create an eye-catching LinkedIn bio to attract new clients and attract the recruiters who may be browsing your profile.

Jasper costs $29 per month for the starter pack, which gives you access to 20,000 words per month and use of 50 free templates. This increases to 50,000 words if you subscribe to the $59 per month Boss Mode plan.

To try out Jasper before investing in their software, they also have a 10,000-word free trial.

How to use Jasper to create your personal bio on LinkedIn

To start using Jasper to your LinkedIn bio, go to your profile and click to About Section. Place your finished biography here.

Next, go to Jasper, open the dashboard and select Templates > Personal Bio.

Jasper AI personal bio template

Note that there is also an option to choose from company bio if you want to try both.

There are three menyala sections within the Personal Bio template that need to be completed.


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