Kaidan Alenko’s Romantic Way in Mass Effect 3

Choosing who to fall in love with can be an important part of anywhere Mass Effect Legendary Edition play, and if Shepard seeks stability, they might consider starting or rekindling a romance with Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect 3. If Kaidan is chosen as Ashley as the victim of Virmire, she will reappear Mass Effect 3 of Priority: Mars missions and so on. Unlike most teammates’ romances Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard didn’t have to marry Kaidan before to marry her all this time Mass Effect 3. In addition, Kaidan is also available for Shepard men and women, a change from himself Mass Effect 1 romance.

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While romance in both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 largely a one -night experience, a romantic relationship between Shepard and their teammates at Mass Effect 3 generally more complex and mature. Kaidan’s romance Mass Effect 3 difficult at first, especially since he wouldn’t trust Shepard again after the event Mass Effect 2. The player needs to earn enough points to gain his trust and prevent him from being killed all this time Priority: Fortress II. This is the way Kaidan’s romance, either for the first time or as a continuation, is deep Mass Effect 3.

How To Effectively Start Or Continue A Romance With Kaidan 3

Kaidan and Shepard kiss in Mass Effect 3

For Kaidan’s romance Mass Effect 3, Shepard first needs to clear their names. When Shepard last sees Kaidan, he regrets their involvement with Cerberus and refuses to listen to Shepard’s explanation. During Priority: Mars, Kaidan will ask twice about Shepard’s trust and involvement with Cerberus at Mass Effect 2. During the conversation, the player must select a dialogue option that curses Cerberus. This includes That is a temporary ally, You know me better than that, day I never went.

After Kaidan was injured in the end Priority: Mars, Shepard had to visit him at least three times at Huerta Memorial Hospital in Fortress. This is the same place where Shepard can talk to Thane. Often, Shepard will receive an email on their personal terminal suggesting a visit. Shepard must continue to be kind, choosing Paragon’s dialogue option throughout this conversation. They were also able to pick up a bottle of TM88 Peru Whiskey from Sirta Supplies in the hospital lobby to give it away as a gift.

During the second conversation in the hospital, if Shepard is not in love with someone else Mass Effect 2, they will have the option to reaffirm or reaffirm their love for Kaidan. This serves as a starting point for romance, telling Kaidan that Shepard is interested but has not yet forced the player to give his full commitment. If Shepard is in a relationship with someone else, especially if they have married Kaidan Mass Effect 1, they need to explain during this conversation that they chose Kaidan.

Kaidan in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Shepard needs to visit Kaidan for the third time when he announces that he has accepted the Specter position. This is an important step to help Shepard re -establish trust with Kaidan and prevent him from being killed during the attack on the Fortress.

During Priority: Fortress II, while Kaidan controls Udina and the Council, Shepard has to pass a Credibility or Reputation check to get Kaidan on their side. Like other decision -based mechanics at Massive impact, Kaidan’s confidence depends on the number of points a player accumulates throughout the play of their draw. The points are divided as follows:

  • Kaidan’s romance in Mass Effect 1: +2 Points
  • Cheating on Kaidan Mass Effect 2: -1 Mata
  • Don’t confess or apologize for cheating on Kaidan Mass Effect 2: -1 Mata
  • Save the Council at Mass Effect 1: +1 Points
  • Don’t keep the Council at Mass Effect 1: -1 Mata
  • Let Kirrahe die Mass Effect 1 and ask Thane to die Mass Effect 2: -2 Points
  • Use Paragon dialogue with Kaidan during Priority: Mars: +1 Points
  • Use Renegade dialogue with Kaidan during Priority: Mars: -1 Mata
  • Visit Kaidan in the hospital once while he is awake: +2 Points
  • Visit Kaidan in the hospital for the second time: +1 Points
  • Lower the weapon during the confrontation Priority: Fortress II: +1 Points

If during the confrontation the player has -1 Point or lower, there is no way to talk Kaidan, and he will be killed during the conversation. If a player has 0 to 3 Points, they have to do a difficult Reputation check and use the Charm or Intimidate dialog options to make Kaidan listen and trust them. If they have 4 or more Points, Kaidan will immediately side with Shepard. To continue the romance, Shepard must get Kaidan by their side. However, they can use Renegade’s distraction to shoot Udina himself, so Kaidan doesn’t need to do so.

Kaidan protects the Udina Council Members at the Fortress in Mass Effect 3

Following this mission, Kaidan will meet Shepard at Normandy Dock: Bay D24 after opening the door to return to Normandy. Kaidan would explain that Admiral Hackett had asked him to join the team working on the Crucible but he would have preferred to be assigned back to Normandy. Shepard has to choose Welcome dialogue options to recruit him back into the squad and continue the romance. Allowing him to go with Hackett would lock the player out of romance, and Shepard would not be able to interact with him for most of the game. He also won’t be able to attend Shepard’s party Fortress DLC.

To have an affair with Kaidan, Shepard needs to accept his invitation to meet at Apollo’s Cafe in the Presidium of the Commons the next time Normandy anchors at The Citadel. As before, they need to select the Paragon dialog option. Although the dialogue would have been a little different if Shepard had previously invited Kaidan in Mass Effect 1, the result is the same whether they rekindle the relationship or start it for the first time.

Like other current romantic teammates Fortress DLC, Kaidan will be the first teammate to come to Shepard’s aid during the attack. After the last fight, he can be invited to Shepard’s apartment, where he will cook for them. After a meal, they can cuddle on the couch or head to Shepard’s room to “burn” some calories from their shared meals. Kaidan is the invitation of choice to Shepard’s party and, if invited, the two will wake up together in the morning.

Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect 3

Right before the mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, Kaidan will come to Shepard’s place offering instant drinks. The dialogue during this scene will depend on whether the relationship is new or a continuation of Mass Effect 1, yet in the same way, the two were able to discuss their feelings and spend the night together.

Kaidan will also be one of Shepard’s last goodbyes so far Priority: Earth. If Kaidan was a member of the squad while running into the beam, he would have been seriously injured and evacuated back to Normandy. No matter what, Shepard had to leave him. The two will confess their love for each other for the last time here. In the epilogue, he will be seen putting Shepard’s name on the Memorial Wall or refusing to do so, depending on the player chosen Mass Effect 3 end and total War Assets.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with backwards compatibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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