Metodevania Hollow Knight-Inspired ‘Crowsworn’ Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goals

Mongoose Rodeo’s hand -drawn Metroidvania, Crowsworn, managed to score an early Kickstarter goal and two subsequent stretch goals in just two days.

Arriving on Kickstarter on July 10, developer Mongoose Rodeo introduces Crowsworn: Stylish and hand -drawn metroidvania that is heavily influenced by Hollow Knight. Less than three hours after the crowdfunding campaign launched, it managed to reach its initial target of $ 100,000, and in the days since, it has managed to reach two more goals.

At the time of writing, Crowsworn’s collect $ 234,000, which means the game will get a new boss mode and hardcore difficulty thanks to goal incentives. It’s easy to see why the action platformer produced such a large audience in a matter of days, with early footage of the Mongoose Rodeo featuring a striking Metroidvania full of gothic characters, fast -paced combat, and atmospheric environments.

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According to Kickstarter, Crowsworn much inspired by Hollow Knight, Bring Blood, and The Devil Can Cry and has an expected release in 2023, which Mongoose Rodeo acknowledges is generous. Games will come to PCs and eventually Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, though Mongoose Rodeo doesn’t explain which ones, stating “[as] we are among the console generation, we have not been able to confirm the final list of platforms or guarantee it will be launched on all platforms simultaneously. “

The game trailer paints a shared experience Hollow Knight’s world -wide design, fast -paced combat, and ability -based platformization, as characters in epidemic doctor masks and long robes navigate Fearanndal’s grim world. Along the way, they are seen fighting various bosses and enemies with giant scythes and two pistols, as well as using a variety of traversing techniques to navigate the area, including one that sees them turn into purple smoke and move between hanging lanterns.

In terms of story, Mongoose Rodeo reveals that the game begins with an anonymous protagonist waking up in an unmarked graveyard. Having no memory or knowledge of the world around them, they must navigate Fearanndal in an effort to restore the hero’s memories and learn more about Crown Crown oppressive environment. It seems that the game’s approach to storytelling will be similar to Hollow Knight’s heavy narrative, offering a mysterious world full of secrets to unearth.

Players can earn various rewards for supporting production Crown, including digital and physical copies of games, digital art books, access to beta versions, physical art books, plush toys, T-shirts, and even the ability to help design key bosses in addition to game developers. Those wishing to support the game should donate before the end of the campaign on August 9th. In other Kickstarter news, several interesting projects have been funded on the site recently, including Witch 3 board games and Xbox Series S screen peripherals known as “xScreen.”

Crowsworn’s The Kickstarter campaign ends on August 9th.

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