Nokia decided to sue Oppo for using its patent rights

For several years now Nokia has sued various companies around the world with varying degrees of success: somewhere it won, and somewhere it didn’t. As a result, the company managed to get the jackpot with Lenovo and Daimler (owning the Mercedes-Benz brand), which had to pay additional compensation for patent infringement. And they also reached the conclusion of a licensing agreement for the right to use the technology which is Nokia’s intellectual property.

Until recently, everything was fine in the relationship between Oppo and Nokia, and Chinese companies periodically paid compensation for the use of the Finnish giant’s patents. But then, for some reason, Oppo refused to renew the licensing agreement signed in 2018 and allowed the use of a number of patents. We do not know the reason behind the position of this Chinese company.

Nokia, for its part, claims that Oppo continues to use the technology without the appropriate licensing agreement, which violates its rights and should be held accountable. The company initiated legal proceedings against Chinese companies in four countries: Germany, France, England and India.

The Finnish company said that negotiations with Oppo to renew the licensing agreement were underway, but unfortunately the latter rejected a “reasonable and reasonable offer.” The trial was an extreme and coercive act, as the Chinese refused to resolve the dispute peacefully.


Nokia’s flagship smartphone will launch on November 11th

HMD Global, which makes smartphones under the Nokia brand, has a rather complicated relationship with flagship products. After the launch of Nokia 9 PureView; which did not impress consumers, there were rumors of the launch of Nokia 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3; but we do not see this device. However, in a few months, everything will change. HMD’s product managers in China say that the launch of the new carrier will take place on November 11th.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the upcoming product. Zhang Yucheng, product manager for HMD Global in China, reported that the company is providing flagship smartphones; which will get fifth -generation cellular support. The launch will coincide with the traditional Bachelor’s Day Sale, which begins on November 11th. We don’t yet know the name of the smartphone; however, given the new naming system for Nokia smartphones, it certainly won’t be the Nokia 9.3.

Keep in mind that at the moment, we are launching the Nokia X50 smartphone; which will have a 108 -megapixel camera and a Snapdragon 775G chip. However, it is unlikely that HMD Global’s product managers will think of this smartphone. Most likely the talk is about the Nokia X70; that there are only a few rumors on the Internet right now. According to them, the smartphone will receive an advanced camera sensor, developed jointly with Nokia Technology. There is no other data on the device yet.

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