Port PC Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Gets Updated With Graphics Options

More than a month after launching on Steam, Ninja Gaiden Master Collection has received an update that adds a variety of user -editable graphics options. I don’t believe that in 2021, PC ports should receive an update with the right graphics options, but just the world we live in.

The update was accidentally announced on the Steam support page for compilation with a bit of detail. As part of Version, players can now switch the following options: Display Mode, Resolution, V-Sync, Triple Buffering, Anti-Aliasing, Depth of Field, and Display Shadows. For PC gamers, they’re pretty obvious, but we’ll break them down for you.

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Display Mode refers to the ability to run the game in a window, in full screen, or in a full screen window (a unique mode that has full screen properties when it becomes a window). The resolution will eventually let players switch between 720p, 1080p, and 4K in -game without having to use command line tweaks. V-Sync will lock the game’s framerate to your display’s refresh rate, though this collection is locked at 60 fps and won’t support anything higher.

Triple buffering and anti-aliasing are similar, although the former addresses texture filtering and the latter is directed to reduce jagged edges. Both of these options may be included for lower class machines as any high-end will suit them at maximum. Depth of field addresses how closer objects are displayed during cutscenes and so on, with actors far blurred to give a camera effect. Finally, display a shadow … display a shadow.

Apparently this is a basic choice and that’s because it does exist. When the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection was released, there was a rather funny post on the Steam store page explaining what command line should be entered to change the resolution. That’s the closest user has the choice, even if that’s not included in the game. Given how Nioh 2 (another Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo) has a fairly compact PC port, it’s very strange when Ninja Gaiden gets less treatment than the basic treatment.

This latest update doesn’t miraculously improve the Master Collection, but it looks like Koei Tecmo won’t let it linger on the platform. Hopefully the future is bright for this port.

Source: Steam Community

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