Roccat And Turtle Beach Announces Torch Studio Microphone

Roccat and Turtle Beach are creating new studio -class microphones aimed at content creators.

Roccat Torch - via Roccat

The merger of Roccat and Turtle Beach has created many wonderful new audio products, such as the Syn Pro Air wireless headset reviewed by Sergio last week. Now, just a few days later, we get the news that Roccat will be siding with audio devices by making its own microphone.

Called the Torch, Roccat’s studio -class microphones are intended for game streamers and content creators. Including 24-bit audio, a dual condenser design, and a built-in pop filter, the Torch is another example of Roccat creating quality gaming products at very affordable prices.

The Torch 2 - via Roccat

via Roccat

Torch is designed for quick and easy setup so you can continue streaming your favorite games without having to fiddle with a bunch of audio settings. The torch comes with three pre -selected intake patterns to meet any need. The Cardioid pattern is perfect for gaming and streaming, the Stereo pattern is great for vocal and instrument recordings, and Roccat’s exclusive Whisper pattern helps to pick up the quietest sound.

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Samples up to 48kHz ensure a wide range of audio tones are recorded while the signal -activated mute control allows you to stop recording without having to pick up a switch or button. Roccat also provides mixer style controls to refine your settings without having to install drivers.

This isn’t a gaming product without RGB, and Torch includes RIMCAT AIMO RGB lighting to prove its players ’beliefs. However, the lighting serves a dual purpose of telling the user what pre-set recording pattern is currently selected.

Suitable for a variety of shock holders, boom arms, and other accessories, installation is as easy as initial preparation. The Torch is even equipped with a 3.5mm jack for latency -free microphone monitoring.

The torch arrives worldwide on August 15 with an MSRP of $ 99.99. See your local retailer for clearance information.

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