Summer Games Finish Raising $ 3 Million For Doctors Without Borders

Summer Games Done Quick is no stranger to massive fundraising, but the fast-paced community has really beaten itself this time around. While the event should be virtual again, and also happens at a time when many are struggling financially, the marathon game event still managed to earn its third -best return on record – with $ 2,897,000 raised for charity.

Fundraising lasted for a week, with more than 100 games running fast as part of the show. Despite the format shift, a team of runners quickly joined together to help the charity Doctors Without Borders, as well as showcasing some really weird and beautiful runs.

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Games Done Quick has held various speedrunning events since 2010. Phenomenal, this is a lockdown event that makes it in the top three for most donations, with the current record being Awesome Games Done Quick, which raised $ 3,164,002 in January 2020.

Contributions from these events have been given to Doctors Without Borders for some time now, but will be even more meaningful in 2021, as charities have recently battled coronaviruses and attacks on Gaza. Speaking during the ceremony on Friday, the charity said, “Thank you so much to the incredible speed runners and Done Quick Games community for having together supported our life-saving medical work.”

As always, SGDQ brings variety, showcasing games you wouldn’t normally associate with speedrunning. Featuring franchises such as Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and even Spongebob, there is indeed something for everyone. One that turns heads is GeoGuessr – a Google Maps browser game that involves guessing your location from a random point in the world, using clues around you.

With a sense of optimism, the next event under the banner of Done Quick Games has been announced: Awesome Done Quick Games 2022 itself. Admittedly, its organization is physically listed as “possible”, and there is no word yet in place, but the organizers say there will be an announcement soon.

If you want to follow the missed game, you can watch the VOD on the Game Done YouTube channel.

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