Video Extensions in Microsoft Advertising gives search marketers the opportunity to test video ads on the SERPs

Microsoft Advertising has doubled its visual ads in search this year, and the latest announcement is no exception. Video Extensions are available worldwide to advertisers today on the platform (note: mobile is only available in the U.S. right now).

Apparently. When triggered, a thumbnail window with a rotate button will appear for searchers in the SERP.

When a user clicks on a video, the video will open with a spreadsheet or action link that takes the searcher to the landing page of your choice.

“As part of our integrated advertising solution, videos you submit for Video Extensions are also included in the Video Library that can be used for Microsoft Audience Network Video Ads resources,” Vi Nguyen, Crystal Zheng and Bhuvesh Arora wrote in the announcement.

How to prepare it. You need the following information, according to Microsoft Advertising:

  • Name: internal name for organizational / labeling purposes
  • Video source: URL or File
  • Thumbnail source: URL or File
  • Display Text: text to display below the video it plays
  • Alternate Text: text to display in place of the video if it is not loaded
  • Action Text: text for the action button displayed below the video as it plays
  • Action end URL: The final URL for the action button on the PC
  • Action mobile URL: The final URL for the action button on the mobile phone (optional)

More information. New Video Extensions can be shown with other ad extensions such as sitelinks. The CPC for the Video Extension will be the same as the click on the ad title. Videos should be between 6 and 120 seconds and must be in the range between 16: 9 and 9:16 (e.g., 1: 1 will be acceptable) for aspect ratio. Microsoft recommends the highest possible resolution but limits the file size to 10 GB.

Why do we care. This should be a fun ad extension to test in a particular industry. A large number of video ads have been made available for platforms like YouTube, so this gives advertisers the opportunity to test video ads directly on the SERPs.

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