WoW Disappointment, Plus Twitch, Start Mass Exodus To Final Fantasy XIV

Image of World of Warcraft character Sylvanas Windrunner kneeling in pain next to a picture of a Final Fantasy XIV character celebrated with a big party popper.

Virgin World of Warcraft vs chad Final Fantasy XIV.
Screenshot: Blizzard / Square Enix / Kotaku

Final Fantasy XIV have the best month of all time.

Yesterday, Square Enix “sold out” digital copy of Final Fantasy XIV prompts many people to ask how can something as seemingly infinite as digital code run out? The creation of new characters is also temporarily banned in all North American data centers. Last week, PCN games noticed FF14 has the highest number of concurrent players on Steam at 47,000. Earlier this week, according to steamdb, the game breaking that record collects 58,000 players simultaneously – a metric that is not even taken into account by the players who use it FF14native launcher or console player.

Usually when MMOs like it FF14 experiencing growth like this, this is related to the release of expansions or some new content. FF14s latest patch, “Death Unto Dawn” released in April. So why is there a lineup of 100+ players of mine and Limsa Lominsa tangled Sprouts that are thicker and more impenetrable than usual?

The answer is tied in three things: memes, streamers, and FF14biggest competitor, World of Warcraft.

Probably the biggest explanation for Final Fantasy XIVThe sudden explosion can be traced to the Twitch streamer Asmongold. Asmongold is one of the Aduhaimost popular streamers, or up to on July 3, when he exchanged Azeroth for Eorzea. The move sparked a wave of fans who followed him in the game into a fusion and excitement FF14 still. The vod his adventures as Warrior of Light has since become one of his most popular clips ever to get 2.7 million views. Asmongold says that he is committed to seeing FF14 to the end of his game to find out if it was worth “wasting time”.

Another explanation for FF14player bumps may be found on World of Warcraftthe story. Back in June, Blizzard launched Chains of Domination, WoW’s latest content patch. With that comes the Sanctum of Domination attack – the game’s dungeon facing the player with one of them Shadowlands‘dan AduhaiBig time whole baddies, Sylvannas Windrunner. The final cinematic for the attack big disappointed– the incomprehensible chaos of a story that ends on a cliff that will never be resolved until the next patch in the distant future. When Blizzard released the last cinematic video of the attack on YouTube, the votes were more than three times higher than the positive votes of the video.

This latest offense appears to be the player’s last stage, according to Polygon journalists and WoW experts Cass Marshall.

“Fans were disappointed because they were on a slow journey through a mysterious city with little result or explanation,” they said. “The cosmic scope of the monsters and Thanos floor villains also doesn’t help. There are things to like Shadowlands, but sank below the main plot. “

Although Blizzard is proud of it Shadowlands is the best -selling PC game of all time, there was a decrease of 5 million players in Blizzard’s monthly active users between S1 in 2020 and S1 in 2021. It is impossible to determine if that is all Aduhai players or spread among other Blizzard games such as Toothstones and Overwatch, but there seems to be general antipathy in the direction of World of Warcraft that The last fantasy brilliantly equipped to take advantage of.

The last perpetrator in the Great Final Fantasy XIV Awakening is a relentless campaign to get new people to play the game. If you spend time on social media chances are you found some meme-ified versions of this script:

“Did you know that this popular MMORPG has a free trial to level 60 with unlimited play time and includes the first award -winning expansion Heaven? “

It’s everywhere. In fact, when I asked Square Enix to comment, they didn’t provide player statistics or offer a reason why they saw a surge in server population, a spokesperson just quoted the meme back to me with a smiling emoji. (I also asked Aduhai PR in case they have comments about player dissatisfaction and they also don’t say anything, but offer me a code for free game time.)

Maybe back then, the meme was doing its job.

It helps Final Fantasy XIV is generally an excellent MMO with a community that has a reputation as the best MMO on offer. Scroll the cursor through FF14 Reddit has a lot of threads welcoming new players, offer tips, day ex-Aduhai jet lifter about night and day difference. I myself am a reformer Aduhai players ever the whole world is swaying by FF14s interesting and easy storytelling which (yet) seems to be too dependent on the cosmic allure of the villain.

For now, it seems The last fantasyEorzea and we all live in it. In April, Square Enix announced FF14 collected 22 million registered players. The number of boners will only increase when FF14latest developments End Seller launched on 23 November.



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